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This page is the gem that saved the sharty

NationalityUnknown, Literally Who
OccupationThe Future Janny
Years active2024 -
Best known forCame back from Future and Banning OP
Political partyThe Future of the Sharty
TripcodeϪOOT ## Mod
IAS?Unknown, It came out of nowhere and does it for free.

ϪOOT (pronounced "Throot") is a mysterious mod that appeared extremely briefly to take care of the Poopson incident.


What we know:

  • is purple, But is le hecking special trust me
  • is from the future
  • hates poopson
  • knows the true creator of poopson
  • Despite similar names, definitely not Admin Ϫ, as he is a Mod, not an admin.
  • Is a hivemind of soot and kuz coming back to save the sharty [Because xe just is, okay?]
  • Is definitely not Froot

Also he looks like this (definite proof, caught irl):