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2985 (Patient)

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Patient 2985 was a patient at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File

Asylum Patient
ID: 2985
Name: Unknown
Threat level: Weak, Easily Contained
Filed: 2021-8-01
By: Dr. Soyoflannery

Soy Patient File: Patient 2985
Real Name: Unknown
Threat Level: Weak, Easily Contained
Description: Patient 2985 is a fat balding man with scraggly hair and is overweight, he has three chins and is constantly carrying a spork, Patient 2985 believes himself to a "wholesome jak". it is unknown what a "wholesome jak" is. but researchers are attempting to discover what 2985 means by this. 2985 walks from one side to the other of his cell, if this behavior changes. Staff are to be informed [1]