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300 (Patient)

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Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.
300 (Patient)

S.O.Y - Patient file 300.

Warning: The following document may contain Thrembo-level memetic hazards that can not be countered by the Asylum's current AM technology. Unauthorized personnel viewing this file will be automatically withdrawn of their asylum employee rights and possibly experience life-threatening seizures . Personnel who do not wish to view this file should stop reading the article past this sentence, close the browser and submit to the experimental BWC treatment.

Threat level: 6-level memetic hazard

Description: "A24" is a .png file image containing a traced photo of now deceased James ████. The image is commonly described as the following: "Middle-age bald man with a classic full beard wearing glasses, opening his mouth at abnormal height". It is unknown who made this image and if it has any connection with James' sudden murder in his house. It is also unknown how this image appears to, seemingly, carelessly pass through multiple layers of anti-hazard security of asylum-controlled websites, and all attempts of tracing back posters' IP failed. It's effects on the human organism are yet to be found, but the usual behaviour of a human patient affected by the object is as follows: "████████████████████████████ADMIN 5████████TOOS████". There were multiple instances of A24 leaks, all damage was undone by the brave fighters of the Asylum. 4chan /tv/ leak 2018 - first recorded instance of A24. Imageboard moderators were encouraged by the asylum administration to delete soyjak threads from now on. "The Lighthouse" leak 2019 - during the marketing campaign of the film "The Lighthouse" the asylum internet security force has found a sudden rise in memetic reports on every 4chan board. The damage done to the site infrastructure was almost irreparable and unmanageable, - multiple "janitors" who witnessed the file went crazy and started to plot a vendetta against harmless "soyjak" posters. /qa/ leak 2021 - [TO BE INVESTIGATED] leak 2023 - Following The Sharty's purchase by Chood, a group of people hacked into the internal system of the site and forcefully changed all images to A24. Every person who visited the site at the time will be forcefully hospitalised and put through an intensive Sproke and Meds therapy. Asylum employees had to temporarily shutdown the website. The following image is deemed safe by our extensive peer-reviewed studies.