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this is an actual ad for a non-sharty website, take everything you read here with a grain of salt and tell the jannies of this other website to go suck nigger dick

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Imageboard website
FoundedOctober 1st, 2003; 20 years ago
Major Boards/v/, /pol/, /qa/
Total Posts4,100,000,000+

>we gotta stop frogjak spammers from derailing our blacked loli hentai threads or however the oldfags are worshipped

4chan (also known as 4cuck or simply the 'cuck) is an American public toilet created in 2003. 4chan is the only English anonymous BBS anyone cares about and has spawned epic memes no one likes such as wojak.

The site was originally created for Moot's group of weeb friends he had from ADTRW. the website was created from translating the source code of futuba channel into English.

The first board was /b/ - Anime/Random, cementing 4chan's role as a public shitting street. Some silly people will claim that 4chan and imageboards as a whole shouldn't be exclusively for shitposts, but they are very dumb.

moot declaring that 4chan is retard-friendly

The Absolute State[edit | edit source]

You WILL fill this section with relevant information NOW

It is no secret that modern 4chan is not what it used to be (literal pedo site doe, thats what it was). Most of the content is recycled from older posts, OC production is close to none; rulecucking is heavily enforced, range'nishments are commonplace; boards are overrun with trannies, GPT bots and feds. 4cuck is basically a one giant lolcow farm and you can exploit the hell out of it.

The pathetic state of the website was made quite apparent when on the 20th anniversary Hiro, current 4chan admin, didn't even show up to do a Q&A or anything.

Moderation[edit | edit source]

A Soyjak meme picture poking fun at 4chan's janitors/jannies

The main positions among 4chan's moderation staff are moderators ("mods") and janitors ("jannies"). Moderators can delete threads as well as 'nish users. Janitors can only delete threads and send 'nishment requests to the moderators. Neither mods nor jannies receive any type of compensation for the countless hours of "hard" work they put into the site with the exception of a few high level staff members which Hiro gives a few soicoins to every month out of pity. Mods spend most of their time in the irc and discord erping with each other and only show up to actually moderate once they get sick of 'nishing people who complain about the state of their dying website from the irc for interrupting their jerk session.

The moderation of 4chan has become subject to controversy. Innocent funposters, including appreciators of soyjaks, have become increasingly persecuted by the members of the moderation staff. Many of these persecuted users have taken refuge in communities such as (like le hecken jewerinos!)

New Ben Garrison political cartoon

'cuck users are pedophiles[edit | edit source]

The 4cuck wiki AKA encouraging users to spam CP

It's a well known fact 4cucks are pedophiles. 'chan users often like to complain about how "the sharty is full of CP spammers" even though the spam always comes from either butthurt 4cucks or 'cord users trying to get the site shut down. 4cucks to this day promote and encourage CP spam on sites they don't like all while calling the target site a "pedophile hotspot".

On August 13, 2013, Moot decided to make /a/ naruto themed and sticked a ton of naruto threads and added a message saying "N/a/RUTO CONFIRMED BEST ANIME CHINESE CARTOON OF ALL TIME". /a/'s natural response was to sperg out and spam CP and gore until the mods reverted everything.

'nishment Evading[edit | edit source]

Main Article: 'nishment evasion

There are multiple methods to 'nishment-evade on 4chan such as:

  • Restarting your router (requires dynamic IP; if you aren't sure if you have one, you do. Static IPs cost the ISP more money and you usually have to pay for one.)
  • Using mobile data (make sure to clear your cookies and then turn airplane mode on for a few seconds).
  • Using proxies by following the steps below (coal)
  1. Get proxies that aren't 'nished. This may cost money; regardless, some people say that your best chances are in obscure VPNs or exit nodes in obscure countries.
  2. Go to firefox settings and configure the proxy IP address and port. There should be information about this on your provider's website. If you have Linux, OpenVPN will take care of this for you and there is no need to specifically configure proxy settings per application. You can also use a browser extension called proxy switchyomega to save data usage.
  3. you can now raid /lgbt/ again

History[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Bibanon's History of 4chan

TL;DR: Moot said "brace for faggotry" and faggotry happened.

Culture[edit | edit source]

See: Encyclopedia Dramatica

Anime website, and funny mspaint face or something. You can also NOT say nigger (no racism outside of heckin' /b/!!!!) and post frogs sometimes I guess, but NO SOYJAKS! Oh also posting naked anime girls is fine, mk?

Hypothetical Events[edit | edit source]

1 /b/illion GET[edit | edit source]

The 100000000000000 GET On /b/ WILL be a soyjak.

Boards[edit | edit source]

/qa/ /his/ /g/ /tv/ /v/ /int/ /a/ /mu/ /x/ /pol/ /b/ /r9k/ /s4s/ /bant/ /3/ /po/ /i/ /trash/ /n/ /co/ /adv/ /an/ /biz/ /c/ /ck/ /fa/ /f/ /fit/ /g/ /p/ /lgbt/ /k/ /lit/ /mlp/ /o/ /qst/ /sp/

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Sources [-+]

Anime Posters4chanTranniesTwitterYoutubeRedditLemmyPedophilesTiktokSoyBoorujakparty.soyKuz‎‎JanniesNewfagsFurriesDiscordGothJewsThe Great PurchaseFrootThe Great Purge Three-Letter AgenciesDynaDot and Porkbun/nate/WariYou [You just are, ok?]

Symptoms [-+]

"Newfag Repellant"RacebaitTranniesNAS ♦ Pro-tranny posting ♦ CoalpostingDustBrimstone ♦ Engaging in and talking about sharty drama ♦ Politicoaling ♦ Pro-pedophilia advocacyCP SpamSnitchesSpamDemoralizationNeutralspam/BlogpostingPorn ♦ Altchan/4chan Raiding and Jackbox Raiding slowly becoming less and less common ♦ Märgerautismus SyndromeSelf-insert syndromeBaby botVariant:UnknownShit Nobody Cares About

Treatment [-+]

JesusAdmin Thrembo ♦ KILLING ALL CORDNIGGERS ♦ Reporting bait and awful threads ♦ Organizing raids ♦ Bumping good threads ♦ Doxxing trannies ♦ Implementing a CP filtering system ♦ systemctl stop nginx ♦ Not taking your meds ♦ and most importantly... Original Content