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50 Board Plan

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50 Board Plan has been flushed down the Skibidi Toilet. You can help by updating this page and making it better reflect the project's death.
Cause of Death: Froot took his meds

Froot's announcement of the 50 board plan

The 50 Board Plan is a bone chilling A24 genre-breaking paradigm shifting frootist plan to add 50 nonsensical boards to the 'sharty to cater to all sorts of interests and finally save the 'sharty.

Due to a soyteen's suggestion[1], Froot will allow teens to vote on which boards to keep and which boards to remove at the end of the 50 Board Plan.

Froot's announcement is an obvious parody to Kuz's 5 board plan announcement

List of Boards



/fur/ was eliminated before any polls ever made.

Round 1

4 most voted boards will be eliminated. Results:

  1. /soy/
  2. /fap/
  3. /lgbt
  4. /zellig/

Of course /soy/ was most voted to be deleted, but Froot is a threat to our democracy and so refused to do it.

Boards eliminated:

  • /fap/ (even doe none of its members got banned)
  • /lgbt/ (even doe its not even locked)
  • /dawla/ (substituting /zellig/)
  • /c/
  • /webm/
  • /bunker/
  • /lit/
  • /mlp/
  • /po/
  • /hm/
  • /v/
  • /bl/
  • /z/
  • /3/
  • /doge/
  • /g/
  • /ms/
  • /rpg/
  • /pc/
  • /bar/
  • /fa/
  • /skibidi/
  • /n/
  • /muv/
  • /b/
  • /jew/
  • /soy2/
  • /linux/
  • /chive/
  • /kr/
  • /tg/
  • /fap/
  • /benjamin/
  • /r9k/

Round 2

3 of 4 boards chosen will be eliminated. Most voted board will survive [2]

  1. /ohio/
  2. /weld/
  3. /qresearch/
  4. /trump/

Boards eliminated:

  • /qresearch/
  • /trump/

/weld/ managed to survive somehow alongside /ohio/


Winners of these battles get to stay on the Sharty. Winners are in Bold

  1. /calm/ vs /webm/
  2. /int/ vs /sneed/
  3. /zellig/ vs /health/
  4. /tech/ vs /giga/
  5. /tnd/ vs /reddit/
  6. /incel/ vs /sci/
  7. /suggest/ vs /slf/
  8. /a/ vs /psy/
  9. /lc/ vs /frog/
  10. /roblox/ vs /ohio/
  11. /poop/ vs /raid/
  12. /nigger/ vs /fit/
  13. /qst/ vs /color/
  14. /thug/ vs /plier/
  15. /giga2/ vs /mc/
  16. /f/ vs /r/
  17. /ihop/ vs /an/
  18. /tv/ vs /ck/