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616 (Patient)

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Asylum Patient
ID: 616
Name: Melt
Threat level: Dangerous but Slow
Filed: 2023-06-08
By: ???

Patient File

Patient: Melt


Threat Level: Dangerous But Slow

Description And Summary: Melt, also known as Soy-616 is a white human male, with a disfigured face. His most important facial features include: His empty eye sockets.

His bloody teeth.

And as his name implies, his melting face.

Since Soy-616 is blind, he can be easily contained, but sometimes he can be dangerous. Because of his sharp fingernails, the patient allegedly injured one of the interns at the Mental Asoylum. Soy-616 was found lurking inside Patient 1940-1960's cell. It is unknown how he ended up in there, but reports say Soy-616 managed to get inside via an air vent, because of his flexible body.

Soy-616's offenses include:

As aforementioned above, injuring a random worker.

Annoying the workers with thumping sounds.

Constantly screaming loudly, kicking his cell's door repeatedly.

If you hear laughing noises from Soy-616's cell, please notify the staff.

The second picture is an photograph of Soy-616, opening his mouth agape. We are unsure who took this photo of the patient.