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711chan (not to be confused with the original 711chan[1]) is an altchan created by Lolwut,[2] the current owner of VidLii[3] and a friend of Kuz[[Citation Needed]]. The six biggest boards were wiped on March 1, 2023.

Raid of March 2023


Original screencap

The raid first started when a 'teen on /soy/ posted a screencap of oldfags seething over 'jakkers doing better raids than them on the /i/ board, which is basically the raid board for 711chan.[4] 'Teens just couldn't accept this and spammed /i/, completely wiping it, with the help of 'cado posters and the gorillazfag.

'Teens later marched over to /711/ when they were done, which they completely wiped and spammed the mascot thread with Bobo, 'zellig, and Gorillaz submissions. Then they started to wipe /b/, which somehow was the second longest wipe even considering their large page count.


Things started to go haywire when they started to wipe /lulz/ when an unironic desu oldtroon[5] started to spam the raid thread. They knew he was an oldfag due to the first two digits of his filenames[6]. Later on, goth and some fag spamming jailbait joined in, spamming the thread. But the 'teens still managed to wipe /lulz/ and moved onto /nig/ which was the longest to wipe because of waning interest. The raid thread reached 1000 posts in which a mod locked the thread, forcing 'teens to make a second one. The desutroon followed them but made a mistake trying to spell out ''desu'' with images but accidentally spelled out ''sude'' instead,[7] which caused a new meme to form where 'teens would type out SUDE in different colors, this massive fail by the desutroon made them run away from embarrassment and probably ACK themselves, 'teens shortly after wiped /nig/.


'Teens started to wipe /rage/, and with new interest because of sude spam, made short of it, completely wiping it. 'Teens later went to /h/ and /msp/ but were unable to wipe because most 'teens got bored. Then lolwut, the admin of 711chan woke up, nearly wiping all of the first six boards of 'jaks, leaving empty husks behind. Then Arizona, or someone pretending to be him, made a schizo thread acting like the 'teens lost the raid, but many other 'teens started to make fun of Arizona. A 'teen then finished his soybot, ratioing Arizona with it.[8]

Pinned Post

One of the 'teens made a post on /b/ making fun of its users for being boomers with no life. One of the admins, lolwut decided to pin this post, in an attempt to save face like that shitty yes chad meme. Unfortunately for him, no one cared and 711chan continued to be raided.



It's over (for now)

Arizona getting ratioed made lolwut furious and he deleted the Arizona thread, changed the name of /b/ to '':^)'', and made /b/ and /i/ one big epilepsy playing party hard and also locked all boards.[9] A day after the raid, all boards remain locked, but lolwut updated the 711chan notice board, with the title ''711chan Inc. will be returning shortly by lolwut'', stating that All boards have been temporarily locked due to spam.

The front page

March 2 2023

The second admin of 711chan, Comatoast, unlocked all the boards locked the previous day and made an announcement admonishing the natives of /i/ for picking a fight with the sharty, implicitly confirming that this raid is a massive win. With the boards unlocked, 'teens proceeded to wipe /h/ and set their sights on /bridget/, but the board was locked before any major wiping could occur.[10] The ratio bot, previously used to ratio Arizona, and now equipped with catty wiping capabilities, was also released alongside a tutorial for the tech illiterates.[11][12]



  4. replaced the dead logwarehouse link
  5. >negated, that file was probably saved to the faggots computer around 2017 used to bait newgods
  6. the only reason the file name is in the double digits is the site is so unusable no board had more then 100 posts >even tho the filenames were unix timestamps and not some indicator of the image count
  8. Arizona's thread The ratiobot made another 50 posts before lolwut deleted the thread
  9. (Epilepsy Warning)
  12. Ratio bot tutorial
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