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FoundationOctober 22nd, 2013
Major Boards/qresearch/
Total posts63,000,000+

8chan or currently known as was a popular imageboard subject to multiple controversies on the internet over the years, most known of these was GamerGate. The website began as a small project by Fredrick Brennan on October 22, 2013. His main goals with the infinity project was to create a free-speech platform where anyone could create their own self-moderated boards without fear of censorship. The project is now ran by Jim Watkins.

4chan exodus

The janny/hot pockets meme was popularized during the 4chan exodus.

At the peak of GamerGate in 2014, 4chan banned the topic from being discussed on the site, often giving lengthy mass bans to posters who discussed GamerGate. It was theorized that Moot was being influenced by his girlfriend in his decision to ban the topic, since she was friends with Anita Sarkeesian at the time. /v/, /pol/ and the general website quickly fell into disarray, with most threads created discussed the unfair moderation of 4chan and finding alternative imageboards to migrate to, among the most popular alternatives discussed was 8chan, which was due to it's strict free-speech policies and ability to create custom boards. During this time, Fredrick welcomed the new users, but the site was slow and it often crashed which was due to the massive influx of users, this was quickly resolved. After the GamerGate controversy, most users decided to stay on 8chan and the site rivaled 4chan for many years.


"BUT CP IS FREEZE PEACH" as the pedophile cries out about his board being banned.

Pedophile boards

Under Fredrick's ownership, multiple pedophilia orientated boards (namely /hebe/) were allowed to exist, which often featured posts of half-nude children and pedophile activism; Fredrick stated that these boards were allowed to exist while citing the First Amendment, even to the expressed outrage of the community. These boards were eventually removed and banned by Jim Watkins after gaining ownership in 2016.

Even long after the banning of these boards, CP spam was still a persistent problem with the website for a few years as it was incredibly easy for anyone to post on it's .onion address without repercussion, this problem was solved in most part by implementing a site-wide captcha system. Modern 8kun still has to deal with CP spam, most of it coming from the "lolita fuck" bot, which has also targeted soyjak.part, frenschan, and many more altchans.

Infinity Next

Infinity Next was an attempt to overhaul the existing imageboard software of 8chan with a more up to date version, it ended up to be a complete failure and an abandoned project. The idea of an overhaul was a well received by the general community on 8chan at first, however after the beta version of the Infinity next project was launched it was riddled with bugs, slow load times and was generally broken. One of the largest controversies from this project was an exploit where anyone could see the IPs of people who viewed a thread or made a post/thread. Shortly after, the project team fell into disillusionment after being unable to resolve large issues with the project; Joshua Moon, the lead developer was removed from the project in January 2016.

Transfer of ownership

Fredrick sold 8chan to Jim Watkins and moved to the Philippines. The official reason was that after gamergate, had more traffic and he needed better infrastructure but we all know that it was only for money. For his shit site he already got more than he could have ever hoped for and it would take half a year before the first ones realize what a kike Brennan really was.

The series of shootings that killed 8chan

she was a paganist

On March 15th, 2019, a bald bitch (and native of 8chan’s /pol/ board) by the name of Brenton Tarrant decided that he had enough of shitposting on 8chan and decided that it was about time to actually do something IRL. What he decided to do was to attack two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 51 and injuring 40. Before he did so, however, he thought it would be best to write a manifesto, and then make a goodbye post on /pol/. The thread started with some wishing him good luck, but a lot of people thinking he wouldn’t do shit. he did, however, by killing 51 Muslims and injuring 40 in a livestream. The thread exploded with activity as hundreds joined to champion him. This is the first mass shooting to come out of 8chan, and it got a lot of media attention. But it certainly wouldn’t be the last…

Just one month later, a 18 year old man by the name of John T Earnest had read Tarrant’s manifesto and was inspired by him (he was also inspired by Robert Bowers who had shot up a synagogue in 2018, but he didn’t post on 8chan, and instead chose Gab, so he isn’t important to this.) He had been another /pol/ native, but he also browsed and posted on other boards as well, most notably on /cow/, the lolcow board of 8chan. Then, like Tranny on April 27th, he posted a farewell post on /pol/, with a link to his manifesto (titled “An Open Letter”), a list of songs he was going to play, and a link to his livestream. However, his livestream didn’t work. He drove into the Poway synagogue near where he lived, and opened fire on a woman at the front desk and a lot of more Jews who were worshipping. He only ended up killing one person and injuring another, though. In court he gave the victims families a “hang loose” sign, and he was sentenced to life in prison in 2021. By this point, 8chan is having a problem dealing with all the media traffic due to these 2 events, but the next one was the one to break the camel's back…

On August 3rd, a man by the name of Patrick Crusius was inspired by Tarrant's manifesto, and like Earnest was also a avid /pol/ dweller. He posted his manifesto to /pol/ with a farewell message where he seemed very nervous and also excited to do what he was about to do, and that was to walk into a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and kill 23 Mexicans, while injuring another 23. He is best known for being the inspiration for the Chudjak. This was the final shooting before 8chan died, which was a direct consequence of Cuckflare deciding that too many shootings had been happening and they pussied out and stopped hosting them.

Cloudflare and migration back to 4chan

After the massive backlash from the media after the El Paso shooting, Cloudflare decided to drop them, causing the site to go down and return as "8kun" in November, 2019. The downtime and eventual return of 8chan ultimately killed it, causing it's users to either return to 4chan, join one of the clones such as or the webring, or quit Chans all together.

Infamous chudjak uploaded his manifesto to 8chan.

The "return" of 8chan as "8kun"

Two months after the drop from Cloudfare, 8chan eventually returned, rebranded as "8kun" in attempt to distance themselves from the past controversies of 8chan. All posts claim with a disclaimer on the bottom that read "this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration."

A small number of the original 8chan user base returned but eventually left after Jim made several changes and rules that were unpopular with the original user base, this includes the aforementioned "disclaimer", the banning of loli/drawn Pornography of underaged characters, Jim's abuse against the original board owners such as Mark, and large a crypto wallet link on the homepage. But this didn't matter to Jim, in fact he was happy about it since he didn't like the original user base all that much, instead he preferred the large amount of Qanon followers that now resided on 8kun, mostly because "Q" posts his "drops" on there.

8kun since then has suffered many outages and technical difficulties, such as the constant breaking and 404'ing of images and other files. is a fairly popular imageboard, being one of many splinters created after the deletion of the original 8chan. It was created by "Mark", the BO of /v/ on the original 8chan. It was ultimately created after an argument between Mark and Jim Watkins. The argument mainly stemmed from Jim's handling of /pol/ (now called /pnd/) and his banning of all lolicon material.

Boards and activity

Previously active boards

Politics: /pol/, /leftypol/

Videogames: /v/, /gg/

lolcows: /cow/

Religion: /christian/, /islam/, /asatru/

Hacktivism: /baphomet/

Pedophilia: /younglove/, /hebe/, /boylove/, /loli/

Zoophilia: /zoo/

Currently active boards

/qresearch/ averaging 100-200 PPH

/pnd/ averaging 1-10 PPH

/vichan/ averaging 1-50 PPH influence

See also: Raids

The /raid/ board on has spammed 8kun many times. 8/pnd/ was a major target for raids. More recently, the catalog of 8/2hu/ was completely cleared out with soyjaks. The popular board /qresearch/ was also raided at one point. Some say this raid brought the attention of several disgruntled Qschizos who still post on to this day. The teens have also raided the /islam/ board two times, the first time was during the deformed-Islamic war and the second time was when the owner of /islam/ banned transphobia from his board.

Three separate /soy/ bunkers have been created on 8kun, one was made back in 06/18/21, pre-/qa/ deletion. It was quickly abandoned due to the board owner having "jak" filter to "jacobson" (this was during the deformed-Islamic war and the owner was pro-deformed). There was an attempt back in early 2023 to gain control of the board and turn it into a /soy/ bunker when 'teens didn't want to use the jarty as a bunker, this failed because the Jim Watkins didn't accept the applications for board ownership. The only things of note on the board is the earliest surviving piece of pre-/qa/ deletion kuz drama and the first post was supposedly made by a sharty mod who pinned a frog thread once.

This caused the second bunker to be made, named /soyjak2/, supposedly by fatcat/marmar049 according to one of the board volunteers. The board owner said he made it because he and other teens don't to use the jarty as a bunker. It died in a few weeks but saw a resurgence during the soypocalypse, it was used as a bunker before being quickly abandoned again.

The third bunker is named /soys/, it was never used by teens and has one thread which is just a dump of anime guro art, presumably made by some butthurt weeb who hates 'jaks.

"I though 8kun was dead."