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choody chood

Dr. E

OccupationMushroom dealer
Years active2023
Best known forOwnership of a TOR-based psychedelics business, brief administration over the sharty during the Soypocalypse, posthumous focus of worship to the Cult of Chood
TitleAdmin (briefly)
Political partyBrazilian drug dealers
Choodism (post-humously)
TripcodeChud ##Admin

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Money opportunitys
Dr. E, when asked about the purpose for his investment

Dr. E, also known simply as Chud##Admin and later known anonymously as Chood[1], Admin 5, Soynonymous, Max, Chudolf Hitler and in some circles as Admin Ϫ was a potential investor in the sharty and self-proclaimed mushroom dealer who briefly reigned as an administrator for four hours on August 20th, 2023 an alter ego of Carter. He was succeeded by the Soyumvirate on August 22nd, 2023.

His admitted ignorance in jakking or imageboard culture as well as his desire to advertise his mushroom business resulted in general backlash from the sharty as a whole, but later evaluation on his brief yet memorable involvement in one of the darkest times in sharty history and general aura of mystery caused a cult following to arise during the Frootist era.

Timeline of involvement with the sharty

As Dr. E

Initially, Doll was slated to sell the sharty to Dr. E while remaining onboard as a co-admin or manager. On August 14th, 2023, Dr E made stickied thread№4401341[2] stating his interest in purchasing the site. Interestingly, he was made an Admin even before having purchased the site, which Doll would later say was due to “mutual trust”.[3] He then asked what he'd be getting himself into with the purchase, and if the users would put up with him.

In the thread, he admits that he doesn't know much about the site itself, soyjacks [sic] pr about running an imageboard but that the sharty "seems friendly" to him and that he'd be buying it for monetary opportunities [sic]. Furthermore, he attempted to assure concerned teens in the thread that he would go against the "morality of the site". He then went on to claim that he runs a legal mushroom business on Tor called Emporium, using the sharty to further advertise it.

However, plans seemingly fell through during the Soypocalypse, culminating in the sharty's closure. Dr. E was seemingly gone, never to be heard from again. Until...

As Admin 5

After Doll's closure of the site, it suddenly and unexpectedly returned on August 20th, 2023 under a seemingly new administrator. At the time, his identity was anonymous, and by his own admission refused to namefag. Despite this, a common nickname used at the time was "Chood". This left 'teens to speculate, with some theorizing him to be Soot, Kuz, or Doll under a new pseudonym. Some religious parts of the sharty believed him to be none other than Admin Ϫ, come to restore the sharty to its former glory. His first act as admin after bringing the sharty back up was to unban everyone who was banned during the Soypocalypse, wipe the catalog, and slaughter Baby bot in one fell swoop.

He would later implement a temporary measure against 'p by disabling image upload and replacing every recent image with A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak with his mouth closed. Shortly after, his reign ended when he shut down the sharty after four hours. This would mark his last public appearance.

Soon after, the sharty returned under Froot and the reign of the Soyumvirate. A curious 'teen asked Doll in his QnA about Chood's identity, where Doll revealed that he was none other than Dr. E, acting anonymously.

List of things that the E may stand for

Cult of Chood

Main article: Cult of Chood

An esoteric cult has recently risen around Dr. E as Chood, centered on threads of appreciation that point out what a “gigachad badass” he was in his few hours of adminhood. These threads are, like the ‘zelligposters of old, necrobumped to no end, as part of a coordinated propaganda campaign for soyteens coming across him for the first time (as he is still rather obscure) to gain a favorable view of Chood.

Opponents are considered to be “Red” or “Pollyanna”. There are rumors that the Soy Cabal are planning an assassination of Dr. E because of this, although this is unconfirmed.

>Gloink, what a badass. He deserves that blunt.

The Max Debate

Both Doll and Froot have claimed that Dr. E was none other than the vilified Anton Maximov. However, no further proof was given beyond Doll's word, leading for some to dispute the fact. For sake of convenience, the 'ki currently treats both like they are separate individuals, but with clarifications that Dr. E's identity is disputed, so that soyteens can come to their own conclusion.