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Admin 6 is Jewish.

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Admin 6
The Nigger
Brimstone Prophet of Estrogen Hills
Occupation(s)The sharty's final admin and destroyer
Best known forChief antagonist figure in The Soyble. Said to be the sharty's worst and final admin, who ultimately brings about it's destruction.
Political party'cord

Admin 6, also known as Toos, The Anti-Soot, or the Hexadmin is prophesied in the the Soyble, most notably, in the ijak chronicles to be's final admin, and the one who will ultimately lead to its destruction.

The Mark of the Beast (The glyph translates to "He Will Always Be Brimstone")

With the Second Great Purchase underway some 'jakkers believe his arrival is imminent, or, even, is already among us. What he will do to the sharty is as yet unknown, but it is predicted he will be instrumental in the creation of the "anti-teen": a person who is the complete opposite of a teen (aka. a normal functioning human being).

With the temporary shutdown of the sharty due to the Soypocalypse, it may be just getting started and we still have much deeper to go in the brimstone mines, and Admin 6 would be the main reason that we could get into the bottom.

Potential identity

Various soychatologists have debated the true identity of Admin 6, and although nobody can agree on one person there are a number of likely candidates. The Mandate of 'lent is often used to rule out some, but it still remains highly debatable.


A theory that used to be extremely popular is that Max is Admin 6, mainly due to his temporary ownership of the website and his involvement with the Night of BLACKstabs. A point of contention, however, is that the Sharty continued well up for a month until it shut down, and the sharty survived even this, coming back up again on the 22th of August.


Many soyteens have taken the Soypocalypse as confirmation that Admin 6 was none other than Red, as his rangebanning of every teen, IP leaks and association with pedos directly led to the fall of the site. However, some still assert that Red couldn't be Admin 6 as he didn't directly OWN the sharty. Also the sharty has since recovered from the events of the 'lypse, so while Red was a giant niggerfaggot, xe still isn't bad enough to be Admin 6.


In her Q&A, he sounds like a rulecucking faggot and said that he will try to profit off the site. Also, if we remove Captain Coal and Captain Cob from the soychatological admin list due to them being usurpers that didn't have the Mandate of Soy, then it shows that there were only 5 admins before Froot came into power, thus making Froot Admin 6. FROOT IS ADMIN 6 100% THE END IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

After The Great Purge, public belief in Froot being Admin 6 skyrocketed. Soyteens began to make posts saying things along the lines of “the mask has slipped off”.

Froot has since given the adminship to Root and the sharty is still kicking on, so the possibility of Froot being Admin 6 has become low, but Froot can always become admin again...


soot (admin 1) > kuz (admin 2) > doll (admin 3) > kuz (admin 4) > max (admin 5) > DOLL (admin 6)

investigate this, my personal army


He unironically supports fags and troons. Besides that, he didn't do any sharty destroying activities, so he is most likely not Admin 6


Following his promotion to admin on March 17th, 2024, some 'teens have started to believe that Root is Admin 6, mostly because he actually would be the 6th admin if Froot's claims on Kuz's Identity are true. Indeed, under his administration the site went down two times and the PPH dropped a bit, but others say it's too early to judge. As of 25 May 2024, Root is the most likely candidate for being Admin 6.


Because he was giant tranny faggot namefag shills -Random booru namefag brimstoner


For requiring people to solve a CAPTCHA to even visit the sharty or the 'ru; breaking archiving and entirely. He refuses to remove the CAPTCHA claiming that both and Ghostarchive are "hellbent on being hostile" because they "actively try to evade login walls, paywalls, etc". He also locks threads he doesn't like.

Red Sparrow

it might be Admin 7. DONT BE AFRAID. <==== Meds now, who is Red Sparrow. Is this another forshadowing of events just like what happened with Froot being on the wiki back in early August before anyone even knew him? // TSMT, who the fauci is she? // It's probably a nothingburger doebeit.

Mutliple Admin 6s?

An interpretation of the multiple Admin 6s theory.

A recent theory has propped up that Admin 6 is not one person, but rather a group of people acting against soyteens. A variation of this is that Admin 6 is not a specific person, but rather an incarnation of coal itself.

Swedecus 20

Before his departure from, The Swede finalised The Swedecus with the last A24, slow burn, analog horror spine tingling prophecy, Swedecus 20 :

For when Coal outweighs Gems by the thousands

For when porn and 'P become frequent

For when immigrants start replacing the native soy population

For when Sootists, Kuzists and Dollists start allying

He will reveal himself to the great public

Beware of the Admin with the name starting with an M, for he will be the one to post poopson

The Toos Epiphany

On the 5th of September, during the Great Purge, a soyteen had visions of being personally visited by Soot, who delivered him the following realisation.

I come to you now because I have had a great epiphany

While I was getting my Ϫth booster shot, it was revealed to me by Soot himself the Ϫ signs of Admin 6

The first is a red herring, a figurehead who will take the blame of Admin 6 despite not being it.

The second is an enlightenment of the soyteens of their homesite's dire state.

The third is infighting among people who were once brothers.

The fourth is the breaking of Soot's final wish.

The fifth is a dark cloud descended upon the website to cover it and engulf it wholly.

The sixth takes the form of a video.

The thremboth sign is the reinstating of an old order, and it is then you will know he has arrived.

I know not when this will occur, only that it will occur.


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