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Admin Ϫ
Savior of the Sharty
He Who Sits Upon The Gemerald Throne
Occupation(s)Prophesized savior of the sharty and thremboth admin
Best known forMessianic figure in The Soyble. Stated to save the sharty at it's darkest hour, and possibly to restore /qa/.
TitleFuture Admin
Savior of the Sharty

Admin Ϫ is the Thremboth admin of He is rumored to be the anti-anti-teen, the successor to Admin 6. Not much is known about him, other than that he is prophesied in The Soyble to restore the Sharty and the Booru to its former glory, and perhaps one day lead soyteens back to their primordial home of /qa/.


The identity of Admin Ϫ is unknown, although theories have sprung up.


idk maybe Root could be admin number (integer between 6 and 7) who knows


Due to xher restoring the sharty, Froot stands as the most likely candidate for the identity of Admin Ϫ. While some still view xir as Admin Ϫ, Froot is no longer a respected and beloved figure due to his extremely controversial actions, and his candidacy is much weaker now.

Soot or Kuz

When soyteens first learned of the prophecy of Admin Ϫ, many believed he was merely a returned Soot or Kuz. This however is unlikely as Soot seemingly has no interest in interacting with the soy community anymore, and Kuz died of AIDs.


The Soypocalypse and subsequent creation of led many to speculate that Admin Ϫ was Angeleno. He stood as the most likely candidate before Chood's arrival.


Dr. E or Chood was thought to be Admin Ϫ once he brought back the site for a few hours. While the claim that he was Admin Ϫ was largely discredited with the Soyumvirate's arrival and the reveal of Chood's true nature, Cult of Chood still thinks he is Admin Ϫ and will save the site from the niggerfaggot Froot.


automaton return great lead homeland happiness fortune smile

Puppet of Admin 6

A heretical sect of Thremboists believe that Admin Ϫ is not the savior promised in the Soyble, but rather a pawn of Admin 6. This is generally considered to be demoralizertroon coal and should not be taken seriously.

Monetary Value

blahblahblahblahblah shit nobody cares about

Let's think about it for a second. brings 0 profits to the owner. The only profit I can see is the Gem account status and advertisement banners. Thoughever, if Doll were to sell the website, the only real thing the buyer would be paying for is the source code and the pinned threads. has probably about 100,000 members[1], and assuming each member costs a cent, and the website source and pinned threads cost 100 dollars, would cost $1,100 USD. Considering that most people will immigrate to the Jarty, $1,100 is the best case scenario. I really don't get why it costs $8k. The Booru, however, even with all its posts, would cost less, as has more active users and as all images uploaded are not copyrighted, therefore making them public domain.(Wait, don't you explicitly have to state that your work is in the public domain? Otherwise, it's automatically copyrighted, no?)hmm you might be right except that most uploaders are chuds and not namefagsWell, I searched it up and I found this, so it's more of a grey area. I read my country's 'pedia page and it says that in my country, if the work is anonymous, that the copyright lasts 70 years. Whay would that matter, anyways? Has anyone ever paid copyright for an image uploaded to an imageboard? yeah the trollface is copyrighted by some guy who ALLEGEDLY uploaded anonymously it to 4cuck first, but iirc the proof of his copyright is the date he uploaded it to deviantart

The wiki would cost $500, for all it's information and images, and due to being one of the last resorts for 'teens.

Now, considering has a Minecraft server, we can add $200 to the value, for all the effort put into it, and as a greedy capitalist markup, even doe there's archives of the map.

I’ve actually done the math and verified with Snopes® Fact Check, Doll originally acquired the site for 10,000 Robux, after which he put it up for sale at 8,000 Robux. I’ve acquired the speculative domain value at 27,000 Robux in total accounting cost. Therefore, Doll is actually cutting us a very decent deal an idiot who got scammed.

Signs of Admin Ϫ

A possible sign of Admin Ϫ has been spotted on the bunker, as the 5000 GET is dedicated to him[2].


While many 'teens believe that Admin Ϫ will rebuild the sharty and establish sovereignty among 'jakkers there is an alternative prophecy that Admin Ϫ will be banned, forgive us for our coal, and usher in a new era of soyism.