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Analog Horror

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This page is coal. (You) WILL help by expanding it.


Analog Horror or Tranalog Horror, or Analpeg Horror, is a genre of horror based on the "Found Footage" genre. All Analog Horror attempts to make itself look like it was on VHS regardless of the year the story takes place in, or where the "footage" would have originated from, even doe 90% of tranalog horror fans are too young to remember VHS tapes. It was popularized on Jewtube during 2020 after the Mandela Catalogue took off. Most Analog Horror attempts to copy the Mandela Catalogue, always throwing in some ghost or demon tape possession or something.

Relation to The Sharty

After the Doxxing of Monument Mythos creator MISTER MANTICORE, voice actor for Monument Mythos Lev Myskin, and some random troon named Stella, got doxxed- the sharty declared war on Analog Horror[1]. This page catalogs Analog Horror projects, their creators, and crimes against the sharty. There will be a few exceptions so this page is separated into two parts- Gem List; Creators that will not be targeted, and Vantablack List; Creators that will be targeted. Each targeted creator will receive their own respected article after being targeted.

To be researched: Other Creators and Their Crimes. Can (You) help us?

Vantablack List

  • Gooseworx - Though, xe is more well known for the Amazing Digtal Circus- xe did create an analog horror video- so by technicality xe is on this list. Information is available on the Amazing Digital Circus page- though the address is outdated. Can (You) help us?
  • Martin Walls (Real name: Martin Anthony Paredes) - Is the creator of the Walten Files, which was "based" on popular game Five Nights at Freddy's, if not entirely ripped off. the Walten Files is very popular among Der' Cord troons and Xwixxer addicts. Born: June, 28, 2001 (Age 22). Lives in Chile. (Also he hired a tranny as a voice actor to play a woman but you can easily tell that the person voicing is a man but later I think in the garbage video he made recently the same character's voice actor is changed to a real woman, I should also mention that he took 3 YEARS to make only a 40 minute video he most likely spent the majority of that time on pisscord).
  • MISTER MANTICORE - Is the creator of Monument Mythos and a troon. Xis imformation is available on xis respective page.
  • Squimpus Mcgrimpus - Groomer and tranny, popularized Five Nights at Freddy's tranalog which directly created coal.
  • Alex Kister - Is the creator of the Mandela Catalogue. He has been declared keyed by frooty froot[2]. THIS NIGGER DID THE 'P ON DISCORD,[3] so he got doxxed on Raid/.[4]
  • chezzkids-

Gem List

  • Battington - Creates OC doe. He has created an aryanalog horror called Harmony and Horror that is made with Blender and looks really cool plus he makes his videos in usually a short time span (kind of like another Dafuq!?boom!).
  • urban spook-

Verdict Pending

  • Darian Quilloy - Is the creator of Vita Carnis. Despite xis art mostly being body horror, xis socials (specifically xis Xwixxer) would indicate xim to be an NPC, commonly re-posting AEW posts and posting his own Minecraft fan art. Xe also has re-posted Mr. Beast tweets, Giggly Goonclown had connections to Mr. Beast, but due to Mr. Beast's popularity across the internet- this is likely just an attempt to get noticed. Due to lack of information regarding exactly what kind of person Darian is, xe cannot be accused of any crimes outside of just being basic. More research into Darian Quillloy is needed, can (You) help us?
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