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lenoy leno


Occupation(s)Former owner of this very 'ki and several others, former sharty admin, former soycraft janny, devchan developer, being a faggot.
Years active2022 - 2024
Best known forLong-standing ownership of the 'ki, creating the Shunker during the Soypocalypse, co-founding the Soyumvirate, Being a bibisea slut
Political partySoyumvirate
TripcodeAngeleno ## Admin(defunct)
Angeleno ## Developer
Angeleno ## Capcode
IAS?Californian therefore yes

Angeleno (real name Lorenzo Yario) was/is the administrator of several wikis, as well as the former co-administrator of He also administrated a modern day revival of world2ch, at[1]

To this day it remains a mystery as of how and why did a registered democrat from Tranifornia ended up browsing and eventually buying this wiki considering how many chuddy articles it has.

List of facts about Angeleno

  1. As his name may suggest, he lived in Los Angeles, although he did briefly lived in West Tennessee. Angeleno was 21 and go to business school.[1] He was instrumental in the creation of the bunker site, leading many to speculate that he was none other than Admin Ϫ, though the theory that 'leno is Admin Ϫ quickly faded away.
  2. His favourite meal, part of the (((cultural heritage))) of Los Angeles (where he was born and where he resides or so i think) was raw BBC served on a 'Cado, or, as he calls it "Roscoe's." [2]
  3. If you want more info on him, howvever biased, check out Angeleno_(JartyCUCK_Perspective) (that article is le bad even doe zey are right about him being a troon lover)
  4. He was known to hold a pro-LGBT[3] and pro-everyone view.
  5. Angeleno had gotten into controversy by some for using "newspeak" terms such as cisgender, they/them pronouns, or capitalizing black[it just is, ok?].
  6. He's was registered Democrat, but holds both liberal and conservative views on certain things.
  7. He got no bitches!
  8. He was the best former admin on the sharty! i was also trans and lived in the united states btw or however i watch Tyrone and BNWO exterminate all whites or some shit
  9. Xe died in a car accident (R.I.P)[it just is, ok?]
  10. Froot revived him, but because of this, he was required to stay on the sharty for the rest of life, or else he'd get in another car accident.