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This page is a gem.

An excited Tranimal the second it's owner brings it's toy (Felis catus or cat for dumb brainlets)

Tranimals are multisoylular organisms that evolved from single cells to form a complex being all in the span of millions of years. Tranimals can eat, drink, have sex and dilate, Most of the world's tranimals are all bugs which exist for the sole purpose to serve nutrition for the higher beings; Nutrition becomes energy for the tranimal allowing it to move, eat, drink and have sex, adding up it's main purpose of reproduction which is their highest priority and objective of life. Tranimals can come from many bio family trees and make up many kinds of species such as Mammals, reptiles, birds, fishes and h*cking wholesome puppers

Delicious bug, ready to be eaten

And yes tranimals exist and it has been proven by peer reviewed sources.[1]


This thing is made out of star dust, like yourself. Therefore you is literally the same as this

All tranimals are made from star dust that have been through the space, through super novas and all kinds of places, isn't science (forgive the wording) fr*cking amazing?

SEX (mating)

     Main article: Sex

Sex, or “mating” as Animal Planet describes it to literal children, is the primary way tranimals (mostly mammals, doggos, reptiles, birds, bugs and etc...) reproduce and share their genetic material onto the next generation, it's the way they keep themselves "immortal" and proceed with life.

Frog couple of the same species together, you just know they have sex

Sex feels good due to the disadvantages of spending 10 seconds sticking dick in flesh wound and putting goo there would have to a being, making it vulnerable to predators who are out to get them at all times, they are literally everywhere, in the leaves, on the ground, on the water, on the air, tranimals are only free from this constant persecution in soyciety once they are domesticated by humans or kept in captivity where they get meds given to them in their food.

For sex to occur it usually requires 2 beings of the opposite gender

  • Male
  • Female

Although this concept has already been widely criticized and debunked by multiple psychologists and the science community.

Exceptions might occur in which tranimals have sex with others of different species although those are rare and it's even more rare when they can actually reproduce, an example of interspecies mating is a quick looking into the Furry Fandom.

Polygyny in Elephant Seals (blackpilled again)

Mating practices vary in the tranimal kingdom, most tranimals are polygamous with very few being monogamous, Humans attempted to be monogamous out of bigotry and putting pressure on womyn but that outdated concept has long been discarded and Humans are more true to their nature more now than ever, the scientific consensus is that Humans are considered polygynous and that's a good thing.

The Effects of being Sex-less

  • High likeness of having bigoted beliefs
  • Highly likely to support alt-right movements like nofap, mgtow and super straight
  • Constant rage and anger due to seeing people have sex
  • Saying the n word
  • Being right wing
  • Being a WOJACKER
  • Not supporting BLM
  • Increased suicide attempts

List of Sex-less people


An excited human

Despite popular belief humans are not so different from most tranimals, our actions are all predetermined by the chemical reactions in our brain, and "conscience" is nothing but a bogus claim made by the mentally ill.

In fact humans are worse than most tranimals, we are an invasive species that destroys the environment and planet. We are extremely selfish and don't consider helping other people and would rather torture, rape an innocent trans woman than helping her through everything she went through.

Humans are extremely bigoted and oppose change at all costs, if my anthropomorphic furry dog fox girlfriend got created through genetic engineering (which would also be highly criticised) Humans would rush to destroy it due to being ignorant.

Every single day I lose hope for humanity, every time i see someone say nigger or whatever it really kills my mood and makes me wish this species would go extinct just because you look like cum and he looks like shit that dosent mean your any better hm? fine. lets not talk about the yellow ones then

My face as i write this section of the article
(You) in a couple of seconds

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