Anniversary Scuffle

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Anniversary Scuffle
Part of 4th Soyvil War
Date21 - 25 September 2023

Lots of baiting

Froot sinks to a new low

OC contributors

Supported by:


Cult of Chood


Discord derailers

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Commanders and leaders
an iOS autist another autist
The anniversary Gemerald (HOLY DIAMOND ALERT)

On the 23rd of September 2023, two autists(You) battled it out on whether the 3rd sharty anniversary music video[2] was a gem or twitter dust. The multi-animator project had been going on for a few days beforehand, and it was only after Root stickied the thread showing the project’s end-result[3] that a Discorder began trying to derail the thread. Some hours later, another autist came along and began criticising various parts of the video, saying that it was “gay subversive shit”[4] and hating on the various sections which were hand-drawn frame-by-frame or which showed a penis. In response, an iOS user began soyquoting each of his posts with clips from the video. Both had multiple spergouts[5], with Froot getting involved and calling it twitter. This, by default, placed Choodists on the side against Froot.


On the 15th of September, Angeleno made a thread on /q/ brainstorming ideas for the 3rd sharty anniversary.[6] The animation project shot out from this one the same day[7], initially searching for songs until landing on “Enormous Penis” by da Vinci’s Notebook[8] the following day. The song was divided into sections and it took until the 21st of September (one day overdue) for it to be done, at which point the result[9] was stickied.


It became even more obvious that off-siters were negatively influencing sharty, as only faggots would be absolutely mindbroken and start dogpiling OC creators no matter how rusty the OC was. It was also confirmed that Froot is a vantablack jew.

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