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Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.

Anonymous is a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency and former internet trolling organization. More broadly, Anonymous refers to the large community of users who interact with each other on anonymous imageboards like the 'cuck. As of the current year, the sharty is the head of Anonymous because, uh, because it just is okay?

Anonymous has pulled off many epic Raids and trolling operations in the past like raiding Habbo Hotel and doxing kids.

A brief and accurate history of Anonymous

Most of 4chan's early userbase were migrants from SomethingAwful and loved to raid and spam other websites. Since 4chan is an anonymous site, everyone began calling each other anon for short and referred to themselves as Anonymous as a whole. Eventually some retard in 2006 thought it would be a fun idea to threaten to bomb the super bowl, marking the beginning of the US government's involvement with the site. Ever since that day Federal Agents have constantly been lurking the site and cooperating with its administration on suspicious users and engaging in psyops on the community. A crackdown began on raids/doxing threads with users responding to raid requests with "Anonymous is not your personal army, lurk moar newfag." Which killed off most gemmy raids.

Despite raiding being against the rules /b/ continued starting them anyways and ended up pulling off some massive stunts like the Habbo raids and successfully mass voting for Rick Astley on MTV's best act award, along with other operations.

Around 2008 Anonymous became the Internet's Thought Police and began attacking anything they didn't like. At the time, Anonymous stood for free speech and anti-censorship and saw the Church of Scientology's efforts at shutting down anything they didn't like as a threat to our democracy. They began their first IRL mass movement against the organization and inniciated cyberattacks instead of just casual trolling marking the time anonymous became a true hacker movement and not just "hackers on steroids."

Throughout the years they engaged in more cyberattacks against world governments, which worried glowies so much they had to infiltrate the group and arrest most of its members. The remaining members gave up and vowed to use their hacker magic for the US government. This is why anything related to "Anonymous" nowadays is literal CIA propaganda. They've DDoSed the Minneapolis Police, Kremlin, and anti-abortion websites not for the lulz, but instead to support whatever the current thing is at the moment, revealing that the NuAnonymous really just works for whatever the US government supports. The Anonymous of yesteryear is a thing of the past.