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A juvenile specimen

The Aryans were a group of gypsie-like brown people from Siberia and Central asia white people from the Pontic Steppe that BTFO some white Indian people a thousand years ago that aspies now like to LARP as even though they derive less than 0.0001% of their ancestry from them, look nothing like them and practice a completely different culture (one that comes from the middle east albeit) than theirs (which is more similar to Britons).

The word aryan originally meant Indo-Iranian peoples, but during the 19-century when historians and soyientists began researching the origins of mankind, they discovered the Indo-European language family and thus used the word to refer to these cultures collectively. The Yamnaya culture from the pontic-steppe are considered to be the first "aryans", who from 3300–2600 BC conquered Europe and Southern Asia and replaced their native "old" populations (the neolithic ones with the weird venus figurines) with the new Indo-European ones. The old Europeans who lived in Europe prior to the Yamnaya culture went extinct, and the Yamnaya aryan culture quickly spawned new superior tribes such as the Celtic, Baltic, Hellenic, Germanic, Thracian, Finnish, and Roman groups which populate Europe today.

There are two types of aryans, the ones that moved west and conquered Europe, and the ones that moved South-East and settled in the Indian subcontinent.

The Indo-European Aryans are part of the three family lines of humanity, as after the great flood during the younger dryas, Noah's three son's and their descendants inherited the Earth. From Shem came the arabs, the israelites, and to an extent, the persians. From Japeth came the indo-europeans we just discussed, and from Ham came the canaanites, the africans, and the east asians, who later migrated to and inhabited the Americas and Oceania. If you recall in Genesis 9 Noah was intoxicated and instead of taking care for him, Ham decided to go tell his two brothers. The two brothers took care for him and when Noah awoke and realized what happened he damned Ham and his descendants ("Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.") and blessed his two brothers.

Aryan is usually used on autistic circles on the internet as a based/gem analogue similar to Movie or Keyed.

Actually Iranians are the real Aryans because I say so[1]

This Aryan may be the first Chud in human history. Some Indians will use him as proof Aryans were brown, even though his skin colour is white and clearly not that of human feces like theirs is.

Civilization and Technology

The Aryans invade India. c. 1500 BC