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Baby monkeys are known for being cute and funny little creatures, which is why some soiteens recommend adopting one and treating them with love and care. Despite this, there are sick fucks known as BMTroons (Baby Monkey Torture Troons) who get off on videos of baby monkey torture.

Background/Rise of the BMTroons

BMT spammers frequently spam the sharty. >even doe it's just one spergy troon who likes to spam this garbage (NOT TRUE I SPAM IT TOO) The spam got its start from users and foodists discovering the sharty. They are all psychopaths who would torture a human child if they could (but torturing monkeys is easier and more socially acceptable (in Indonesia)). Being ever hungry for more freaks that share their torture fetish, they quickly realized that they could induct young impressionable soyteens into their cult.

Despite numerous calls from said 0chan users and foodists to create a board for baby monkey torture, /bmt/, the administration team refuses to implement the requests of the monkey torture community. Many soyteens are very proud of this decision and there is an ongoing grassroots lobbying campaign to end BMT spam forever. This campaign has been very successful, resulting in the BMT spammers losing all of their IPs. As one BMT spammer put it (shortly before committing suicide),

>Ever since Kuz took over, I've been losing friends! All of my tor links to 0chan /pity/ get deleted instantly! I may just have to-ACK![1]

This very wiki got visited by one on February 8th 2023.[2]

Arguments used by BMT lovers

  • >You're a KIWITROON! You don't want to watch our snuff films so you must have come from KIWI FARMS!
  • >They're ANNOYING! They totally DESERVE to have a long and painful death because they, uh, squealed a little when I took away their milk!
  • >What? Noooo I don't get off to this! I just hoard webms of baby monkeys getting killed and tortured so I can... uhh.. look at them!
  • >I totally wouldn't torture a human child if i could even though I hate baby monkeys for the same exact reason I can't stand to be around human babies
  • *Soyquotes you with 1 of 3 images from his barren soy folder*

How to spot a BMTroon in real life

A bmtroon from Reddit

You can never be sure who indulges in sick fantasies just by looking at him. However there are usually some telltale signs of someone who pleasures himself to monkey death. For example:

  1. He watches Keffals (he wants to see Kiwifarms shut down because like Lucas, his dox is there)[3].
  2. She's an older mom who watches a suspicious amount of animal videos on JooTube[4]
  3. He's from Indonesia and spends a lot of time filming monkeys[5]
  4. He uses Discord

Soot's involvement

Soot soyquoting a pathetic BMTroon

On March 10 2022, Soot BTFO a BMTroon by soyquoting him.

Kuz's involvement

Kuz, being a good admin, banned BMT threads across all of his websites, including the sharty.

The acronym "BMT" is now filtered as well.

This has caused tons of seethe from the entire BMT community, so much so that a few of them even forgot to take their HRT supplements.


An image of a BMTroon submitting himself to his superior baby monpai poowner.

See also


  1. #vent on BMTcord
  2. User:ØchanAdmin‎. You will NOT check his contributions even tho 'leno has purged everything from his account
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