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there are two seperate "botnet" spammers on the sharty, not all mass spam is done by babybot

This is you

YWNBAG (You will never be a gemmer, Tranny)


A zoomed in rendition one of the images used by the baby bot. Degree of compression, image dimensions, filesize and filename vary
An example of a bot post

The Baby Bot is a bot stupid nigger who on April 28th of 2023[1] started mass replying to threads with a heavily compressed image of a baby Gapejak, the filename of which was randomised. It started out posting "first", "second", "third" or "baby" as the caption, and soon incorporated special characters to evade post filters, but eventually had to post without caption as this was even harder to detect. It also uses a slightly different image and ip address every single time in order to bypass image-based hash'nishments.[2] The flood of automated baby soyjak posts led not only to this 'jak's rise in popularity, but also concerns over mass removal of VPN nodes as they got 'nished after usage for baby spam.

It was temporarily slain by Chood on August 20th 2023, but soon returned following Froot's takeover of the site.

Currently it is the 'sharty's most powerful weapon

Strict auto-'nishments

As a baby-bot prevention measure, sharty added a filter for the word "second", which auto'nished anybody who dared utter the word right after a thread was made[3]. As of September 2023, the filter doesn't seem to be in effect anymore.


On April 30th, the bot seemed to be defeated, but a moment later came back in full force with images of randomly coloured rectangles of various sizes and strings of random text.

The baby bot's switch to random shapes and words

The """""end""""" of Baby bot

After days of spam from the bot, more of Cloudflare's protections were enabled, which worked to stop the spam. The site was also DDoSed shortly beforehand.


The motives behind the enabling of the baby bot are unknown. Some believed it was because of the owner disliking kuz, but the bot continues to post under DOLL. Others believe it is to get people to post at instead.

It is unknown who is behind the baby bot, but there is a thought that a Discord is. It's more likely that a 'teen is behind it, as the creator of the Babybot has been confirmed to regularly browse /caca/.

Babybot was also known to attack threads he didnt like.

Ronald, the creator of, has recently claimed to be behind the Baby bot, with his current target being against self inserters.

Curious how it continues to post while the site was down, as if it was hosted on the same server as the sharty It didn't post while sharty was down but it restarted immediately after it reopened. Also Cloudflare isn't effective against it.

CSAM spam allegations

A small minority believe that Babybot was responsible for 'p spam during the Doll era. This is incorrect as during early euro hours, CP would be spammed and left up on the log for hours. When the operator of Baby bot was online and noticed 'p being left on the log for more than an hour, he would initiate a catty wipe, leading to the conflation between 'p spam and Baby bot.

Other Instances of Baby bot

  1. On May 4th, the bot returned (possibly circumventing CloudFlare's protections), reverting back to the image of the baby and posting random words accompanying it, and after another lenghty period of silence, it showed up on May 12th to make more posts, now replying to a smaller amout of threads as another measure for avoiding getting filtered. It was fully able to bypass all of CloudFlare's protections and reCaptcha.
  2. The baby bot was also proven to be the one behind the bot attacks on
  3. On May 16, 2023, the Baby Bot returned and now dotspams on threads.
  4. On May 22, 2023, after a flart thread was moved to /qa/, the botter started using his bot to flood /soy/.
  5. On June 9, 2023 The Baby Bot has attacked LainChan (the jannies locked the whole site for a while) and two other altchans, catty wiping them.[4].
LainTran's 'catty being gemmed up by the bot
  1. On July 21, 2023, amidst the blackening, the shape bot returned and started flooding /qa/. Baby Bot also flooded /soy/ during Euro hours.[2]
  2. On July 23, 2023, The Baby Bot wiped the catalog on /qa/. This was done so quickly that even the zelliggers weren't able to bump their threads in time.
  3. On July 25, 2023 Baby Bot came back replying every thread with picture of baby and random words. Due to its prolonged presence, teens have started asking Babybot to describe things like groups, people, sites, etc) An example of these post would be “Baby bot describe trannies”.
An example of the typical Baby Bot reply as of 31/07/2023, usually replies to a new thread in the first dozen seconds upon thread creation. Some people say that the Babybot's replies are somewhat influenced by the original post, and that they're not 100% random, this has yet to be peer reviewed by soyentists, though.
  1. The bot has been used to raid imageboards such as lainchan and mechachan. The bot has been seen spamming /trash/ threads and participating in a raid on /cm/.
  2. On July 31st, a teen on /caca/ asked the Babybot to link to /caca/ in it's posts, which it obliged.[5] It no longer does this.
  3. It has also started attaching images with a white background and little babyjak images splattered all over.
  4. Then it started posting a little baby in the top left corner of a white image.
  5. After that, it started replying to threads twice with a cropped baby attached.
  6. And after that, it started replying with text only.
  7. For a five hour time frame, the bot started posting pictures of nikocado's onlyfans with random splotches of bright colors.
  8. It then started posting a deep fried, zoomed in or zoomed out picture of baby.
  9. It then posted blogposts with images of flart.
  10. Now it spams emojis on certain posts.
  11. On October 14th, the Baby Bot briefly posted babyjaks on /soy/ with it at various angles. Then to switch to posting deep fried, brightly colored pictures of a babyjak.

On 4chan

Before any major GET, baby bot is fired up and does around 50 posts all at the same time, guaranteeing that any new GET will be from the baby bot, even on faster boards. [it just is, ok?]


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By August 2023, most 'teens have accepted Baby Bot as part of the New Normal, however, some concerns were raised about the possibility of bot being used for malicious purposes.SLAVA CACABOREA!!!

Another common thread to see in this time where people trying to "beat" baby bot by replying first instead of the Babybot beating him was rare thoughever and most of the time just lead to a fail

Baby Bots role in Emoji Spam

War on Self Inserters

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