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Bait smells like bait.[1]

this bait do be kinda gemmy doe *bumps 500 times*

An easy way to get (You)s! Note that excessive usage may result in lowered post quality

Bait on imageboards is a staple of the shitty imageboard culture. As bait is designed to provoke users into responding as much and as fast as possible, they manage to exploit the “BUMP” feature of IBs, causing their post to remain visible and the front page and keep continuing the vicious cycle. Saging bait is therefore considered to be a solution to the problem of their prevalence, ALBEIT people don’t sage bait like they’re supposed to because they’re retards. As a result, only the fucking jannies can come in and kill off the bait, although they’re usually too busy hunting down another pack of hot pockets (or dilating while watching illegal materials) to give a shit. Bait can be both a force for good and a force for evil for ‘jakkers. If ‘jakkers bait 4chad aryans, that’s bad. But if 4chad aryans bait ‘jakkers on the ‘arty, or if fellow ‘teens bait other fellow ‘teens, well, then its also bad.

Whenever you see bait, you must post that one black and white cartoon vector graphic fish image with the hook to alert others of its baitiness (or whatever the fuck you’re supposed to call it).

Killing yourself is a great way to minimize the effect of bait on your body, mind, and soul. Alternatively just use the hide button.

Examples of ‘arty b8

  • Frogposts
  • Leebait/MLP
  • People pretending to be transgender
  • >soysisters wtf is this?
  • BLACKED porn
  • MAP (pedo) rights!
  • Zoo (animal fucker) rights!
  • >whatcha doin’ wh*Teboi?
  • >any homosexual ‘eens?
  • glowposting
  • Any image depicting Americans as brown
  • lawrence(even doe he is gemmy(this ev&oe he is coally))
  • >hahahaha chudcel has a tiny pecker!
  • >/QA/ IS BACK
  • “”””””People”””””””” posting pictures of xemselves IRL

Examples of 4cuck b8

Basically every post on the 'cuck is bait

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  1. Indeed
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