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Ban evasion

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This page is a gem.

Some notes on ban evasion. A good chunk of this article is taken from old ‘arty threads and posts on this topic.

Rebooting your Router

If you wish to reboot your router, you should first check if your IP address is static or dynamic. To see this, go to this website and click on your IPv4 address. If the IPv4 address is listed as "Not detected," you can lookup your IPV6 address instead, although note that virtually all imageboards use your IPv4 address (this shouldn't matter though for detecting if your IP is static or dynamic). The website will then tell you if your IP address is "likely static" or "likely dynamic." If your IP address is static, resetting your router will not work, as static IP addresses do not change. To reset a static IP you have to call your ISP and ask them to change your IP.

Some range bans are specific to a kind of device or user agent in addition to the IP range. Used to be circumventable simply by using a different browser or device. 4cuck is known to use GlowniggerFlare's browser detection mechanisms to deter user agent spoofing, so if you can't get a CAPTCHA, try a different approach.

In lieu of resetting your router, you may also spoof your router's WAN MAC address if you router is capable of doing so; this typically forces your ISP to provide a new IP address if it is dynamic.

Utilities and Tools (Useful for anything, including 4cuck)

Residential proxies/VPNs


Mobile data: Your mobile data, if not rangebanned, works very well at ban evasion. To change your mobile IP, turn on airplane mode and then turn it off.

TuxlerVPN: (works well, note that it's an unironic botnet)

Go to a free Wi-Fi location: Hope the place doesn't block websites and you can ban evade once before being forced to go somewhere else. (You can make Google accounts without phone numbers this way[1])

Cheap residental proxies

Mysterium Dark (Heard it's detected...[it just is, ok?]): ($0.02/GB, you can top up your account with crypto)

PacketStream: ($1.00/GB, $50 minimum deposit)

InfiniteProxies: ($2.9/GB)

IPRoyal: ( $7/GB, ONLY buy rotating residential proxies, also they will nag you to verify your identity but you don't have to)

VPNs (Might not work or get you shadowbanned on some strict websites)

NordVPN(Yes it's a dataminer. It's the most used VPN out there. If you aiming to seem like a normal internet user and don't want to give your ip then nord is a pretty good choice.)

ProtonVPN (Same as Nord but free and more shady for all the people who dont want to pay)

Mullvad VPN (VPN service that doesn't glow and have any dataloggers for all the privacyGODS out there)

Private Internet Access (Probably less private than Mullvad (requires e-mail) but Mullvad is blocked on some sites. However it's court proven not to log.[2])

List of VPNs (WARNING: GOOGLE LINK, thanks Plebbit!!)

Temporary e-mails/temp services (This site always has new domains, but you have to solve a hCaptcha.) (Allows you to have a phone number without signing up for a sim. Note that its a botnet.) (allows you to call people without a phone or sim card. Useful for making prank calls. Note that the call duration is limited)

SMS verification

Free SMS services mostly are useless/broken and are either banned or used already. (Free temporary phone numbers for verification.) (You have to pay but it works) (fake addresses) (generates fake names, addresses, and phone numbers all at once)

Relevant guides (Gives great advice for ban evading on Kiwifarms. note that sock=alt account. this advice can even be applied to most fourm sites as well. (it is a tranny site THOUGH)) (other sorta useful link. Tells you how to HWID spoof, delete traces off the PC, it's iron.)

Extensions (For 4chan)


4chan Mass Reply:

Captcha Solver for 4chan: (Click on either user.js file and then click view raw to use with your userscript manager.)

Proxy switchers (also extensions) (Chrome) (Firefox)

To save bandwidth, create a switch profile to proxy only, and


I'm still banned despite switching proxies

Clear your cookies. The 4chan_pass cookie is used to identify ban evaders. You're forced to wait for 60 seconds to post and 300 seconds to make a thread when clearing cookies.

Why doesn't my post go through sometimes?

This depends on a variety of factors.

It could be your User-Agent (likely if evading using mobile data on PC), your file is secretly hashbanned, or the flood filter is on.

If 3 threads/replies are posted within a short period of time by users with different IPs and 4chan_pass cookies with a very little amount of posts attached to them (aka 'empty' 4chan_pass cookies), then the flood filter activates. It lasts for exactly 5 minutes.

On Firefox, you can create a dedicated Firefox profile just for shitposting (about:profiles) with this extension if need be.

Ban evasion on altchans

Most altchans allow VPNs and datacenter IPs. Therefore, you can use just about whatever VPN you want (even Tor might work).

Writing ban appeals

There are some moments where you will need to write a ban appeal in order to get unbanned. Note much of this advice does not apply to 4chan ban appeals

Put yourself in the Admin's shoes

This is arguably the most important, as it applies to any site that has human moderators. Look at the posts you've made (not just the posts that got you banned. ANY/ALL of your posts) and think to yourself what someone who briefly skims over your posts would think of you. Would they think you're a troll, an asshole, or a good person? Remember that feeling when writing your appeal? When reading the appeal, think to yourself what a minimum-wage outsourced worker would think when reading your article. Would they think it was professional enough and accept it? Would they think your sudden "change of heart" is in bad faith based on the posts you regularly make on your account? Take it all into consideration and edit it accordingly.

Add unnecessary dates/details

You may think that this is some joke or that I am trolling you but I am being 100% serious in saying this actually works. Adding unnecessary details really makes your appeal look more professional. The best way to show what I mean is to just give you an example

"I posted a joke that I sent that was taken too seriously. I never intended to come off that way" - Probably denied.

On March 26th, 2024, I posted a joke of the popular meme "sneeds feed and sneed" as a reply to someone's comment. The meme was taken out of context. I never intended to come as "racist"." - Probably approved.

See how much more professional that looks? Take my word that this will improve your chances. Just remember not to add to many details or else the 40iq janitor will just deny it instead.


"Remember not to show any signs of anger or to much sadness. sound professional"

If the site you're trying to appeal to is a lot smaller like a local forum site, Kiwifarms, or anything where an actual human reviews the things (jeets don't count), then apologizing is a MUST.

Your apology should be/include:

- Not too short, but also not too long

- Say that this wont happen again

- Admit that you were in the wrong (to an extent). Don't do this if its a big site.

- Generally just suck the admins dick

Bonus points if you say you've read through the rules and promise not to break them again

Remember that your apology in your appeal should NEVER say:

- I was in a bad mood when I made those posts (or anything along those lines)

- Get mad at the moderators or show signs of anger in ANY way or form

- Suck the admins dick too much to the point where it's obvious

Don't make it too long

What the mod sees with your sob story appeal

The indian jeets and self-moderators of sites don't have time to read your sob story. Don't make it too long. Say what you need to say and be done with it. Here are some tips to make your appeal shorter without removing details:

- Remove instances of although or though. It's an unnecessary word that adds nothing to your document

- Do not use more than one "!", "?".  Like "I'm sorry?!?". Not only does it not belong because it makes it seem like the jannys don't know what they're doing (Insulting). But it also adds to the word count.

- Do not type the content of the offending posts you're bringing up word for word. The mods can see the offending post that got you banned and know what you're talking about. Feel free to give an archive link to it instead

- Most word editors allow you to see the wordcount of your document. Paste it in to check the wordcount

- Avoid transitions like "yeah, and with that, and anyways"

- Split your text with reddit spacing to make the text less daunting to the underpaid janny. (Formatting). (Formatting)


PROOFREAD YOUR TEXT. This is crucial. Heck, for double points, get a friend to read it and review it. You should be able to answer these questions about your appeal before you submit

- Can the wording in my appeal be considered negative or be interpreted in a angry/rude tone

- Does this appeal feel professional, and do I know what I am doing/talking about?

- Does this appeal feel like a sob story or focus to much on "im so sorry waahhhh"

- Are there any unnecessary wordings

- Have the friend I read it with agrees that this appeal is good and isn't just trying to be nice

- Do I feel like I can do better on this

- Are there ANY spelling errors on my document(you can use chatgpt to find any werid transitions, incorrect wording or anything else that your word program won't pick up on)

If you can't answer these questions than your appeal is as good as shit and will get DENIED.

General things to remember


- You can use context to your advantage. Even if that means lying about it.

- Don't be a selfish little fuck. Remember that patience is key

- You can always bribe the jeet jannies with a bunch of gift code cards in the appeal description (You WILL get scammed)

- Don't be afraid to lie or mislead

- Say that you reread the code of conduct and promise to not break it again

Remember not to beat yourself up if your appeal gets rejected. A lot of it is luck and factors you can't control. Remember that you truly do get the amount of work you put out when it comes to appeal writing. Plus, you can always make a new account.

Creating new accounts

For JewSites that require an account the best way to evade a ban is to simply create a new one (duh, I know). However for sites with small userbases and a mod team 24/7(forum sites like the virtual asylum and other slop sites) this can be extremely hard sometimes[it just is, ok?] (They have EXTREME autism). Here's how to get around it.

Some sites may require mod approval before creating a new account and some don't. In both cases its a game about how legitimate you can make your new account seem as being a new user. The legit you make it the less likely you are that mods will ban you again. Until you be obvious and get banned again.

This is just a small bit of everything a mod has the ability to see when you sign up for an account (If they use fingerprinting scripts). If you use the same IP, hardware, browsers, screen size, or even browser version, It can be used to identify you as ban evading. You can check this info here

Use a VPN + other less obvious tips

It's very much likely that mods can see the accounts that have been created/banned on your ip addresses. Using a VPN makes it so that you look like a "new normal user" who just cares about there privacy. If your to broke to use a vpn then just use ProtonVPN (just note its kind of slow).

If you want to make it so that the mods have almost no clue of who you are, try Mullvad Browser because when you click the Broom icon it just resets everything to a clean slate (It's supposed to be used with a VPN). You could probably even use something like virtual machines too. This will make your browsers fingerprint almost completely different and unique. Test it out with because actual sites like PayPal use FingerprintJS (It's one of the most invasive fingerprinting scripts on the web, it checks EVERYTHING). If Tor is not blocked, you can just use that aswell (Tor Browser bypasses FingerprintJS after clicking the Broom icon, but the nodes are probably banned).

Wait before immediately creating a new account

Do not just immediately create a new account after being banned. it makes you look very suspicious to the mods (especially if the site requires approval from the mods). Instead wait a while before creating a new account. If the site doesn't require approval from the mods than just wait a few hours(depends by how many people use the site and make new accounts and if its currently being raided). If the site requires approval from the mods then you need to wait a few days before trying again.

Do not use a temporary email

They're extremely suspicious. Instead use something like ProtonMail (known dataminer I know), Tutamail, or any emails that don't require a phone number verification so you can mass produce fake emails.

Act like a normal user for a while before going all in

Act like you know something about their "culture" and participate. Lurk for some time and react on posts. (Only do that if you have lots of time or with a determined, organized group of people)


Cookies are a websites way of uniquely identifying you. Make sure to clear them before creating a new account retard. This is ESSENTIAL. (dataminer link but useful for all the low IQ people who can't do basic things on their computer)

Use the 4chan Internal Happenings thread on /sci/ or /raid/ for updated information on how 4cucknel moderation, datamining, and bans work and how you can evade them.


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