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Well, as for /bant/, I just think that it's like you took every worst part of /qa/ and every worst part of Reddit.

now in lowercase for the authentic /bant/er experience!

/bant/ - International/Random is a waste dump on 4cuck created in 2017 with no set topic. It was created as ground to move threads from /pol/ that break the rules, because deleting them would have chuds complaining about muh censorships. Like /pol/, posts show the flag of the poster's country[2]. The board also has IDs like /pol/. You can tell apart posts that were moved from /pol/ because they lost their IDs however.

Many /bant/ users complain about soyjaks "RUINING BOARD CULTURE" even doe /bant/ board culture almost entirely consists of grown men acting like horny teenagers, washed up /pol/ chuds, small children, cirno spammers, necrobumper discord cabals, ironic/unironic weebs, and as already mentioned, pedophiles. The content usually assumes the form of trap porn, "bbc" fetishism, muh feelings posting and live action roleplaying as a woman. Many soyjak.party attention whores like the Moroccan proxyfag and p#blm are confirmed /bant/ posters.

/bant/ "culture"

/bant/ has it's own in-jokes despite appropriating lots of shit from the 'farty. a their culture consists of (it's all NAS dust):

  • frog posting - somehow even unfunnier than normal frogposts
  • waifu posting
  • coomer posting - 75% of all posts
  • doomerposting - a majority of 4cucks are socially awkward millenials, thus they feel like venting about their life constantly on those "social" boards
  • nonsensecoal spam
  • pedo posting
  • "glegle" - probably their only attempt at an original meme, and it's brimstone: awful self-insert coal shilled by artfags (whom draw loli shit so thus are pedophillic) and commonly used by untalented pedophiles. pretty much their version of Averi but worse since the character is seemingly underage
  • lots of stolen 'sharty culture, frequently misused

resident spergs

  • MiloTheFrog/anuran poster- an actual autist from britain who self inserts as "Milo the Frog", some obscure character from a kids show you'll never be pepe. has a huge hateboner for doll and is frequently seen posting his awful drawings, normally depicting a buff version of the aforementioned character having sex with his retarded /co/ waifus (most are underage)
  • glegle guy - unfunny attention whore mutt best known for drawing and forcing glegle.

/qa/ migration and /bant/ colony

Are you sure that it's just getting started? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S OVER.

In early November of 2021, /qa/ was locked during The Great Soyset, and many of its former inhabitants chose to migrate to /bant/. The existing board culture was quickly overrun by the /qa/ diaspora, but promptly 'nished by jannies. To this day, posting keyedjak threads like the good old /qa/ days results in a 3 day 'nishment. You can get away with soyquoting in replies of regular threads albeit. Sharty rapefugee threads like the /asb/ thread were the only soyjak bunker aside from regular threads where, for a short period of time, ‘teens congregated.[3]

'Teens on /bant/

Splinter Websites

on 10/12/2023 a group of /bant/ users created their own splinter website - https://bantculture.com [literal 'p """art""" site doe] - a password-locked shithole best known for being a safe haven for losers, creeps and pedophiles who were unhappy with 'cuck jannies deleting their loli threads.

another splinter website, though dedicated to a community-specific meme is https://glegle.army, similar to Sidson.city. this site has been targeted by multiple frogpond raids.


In April of 2021, the board was raided by "desu" posters. The entire catalog was filled with "DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU [...]" spam.

After forced email verificationCIA being implemented on 4cuck's /biz/, many /biz/fags found their new home in /bant/ and /biz/ became deader than jarty. Seeing opportunity to gain some /biz/fags, sharty janny added /biz/ board on sharty. Less than hour after it's creation, board was excessively shilled on /bant/ (with one 'teen getting rangebanned ) by 3 'teens and shilling campaign was success considering /biz/ grew to be 2nd largest board with average PPH of about 130, with many of it's posters being 4cuck refugees.

Successful soyjak.party /raid/