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Best Soy

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Best Soy's #1 Employee.

Best Soy was a hardware store staffed by a blue-shirted Wholesome Soyjak. Its most popular services were ear surgery and monitor repair, both facilitated with staplers.

Best Soy was attacked by a crazed Soyjak armed with an M16 assault rifle and wearing a fedora and trenchcoat. The store was damaged and all customers and staff present were killed. A police officer named Officer Soyjon later arrived at the scene in his police car. Officer Soyjon took cover behind one of the car's front doors and shot the attacker in the head with his revolver.

One of the victims of the attack was a Soyjak who went to Best Soy to have his monitor fixed after it got sliced in half by a Redditor with a katana. It is unknown if this crime is connected to the shooter.[1] After the shooting a new person was employed who looks exactly the same as the employee who died.

Best Soy is sometimes referenced as a place where one can purchase impish soyjaks, however they have an unfortunate history of selling defective 'jaks.[2]

Dr. Sprokeberg's main ear surgery competitor.

Visual timeline of events

Operation Best Soy

The fruits of Chud's labor.

On June 29th, 2021, a random Chud went to their local Best Buy, and pulled up a Markiplier Soyjak on an interactive computer display in the store for all to see. The poster claimed they would have set it as the computer's wallpaper, but many unwholesome Blue Shirts were reportedly out to get him.[3]