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Bitch Productions

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Bitch Productions is a failraid.
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Operation Drillbit/Operation Soy X was an attempt to gem up the Glitch X stream, which feature various EPI/LGBTQ creators. Thanks to a frog-posting-troon-snitch, the plan changed five times, once including the deletion of the Drillbit 'cord server for this exact raid. Information on the Glitch X raid can be found on the Amazing Digital Circus page. This page has been repurposed to detail doxes on other members of Glitch Productions that don't apply to the Amazing Reddit Circus. Such as Glitch Productions' founders, SMG4, Vivziepoop, and Liam Vickers. This page will also log further actions taken by the 'party against Glitch Productions, not in relation to TADC.

Available Info or Dox

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Arguably the only (formerly) funny thing they ever produced, just Mario 64 YTPs which was good until it got filled to the brim with faggy OC characters. Now just as Goyslop as everything else they produce, though some 'Teens believe it was always slop due to being Nintendo adjacent. The Big N has never gotten the channel 'nished from the 'Tube, despite their track record.



Vivziepoop is a "beautiful latinx queen", who abused xer own employees and then payed off other employees to call the employees who spoke out, "whiny wage cucks" (even doe that has all been debunked). This drama sparked Vivzie's decline in popularity on the internet. 'Teens wish to emulate what happened with Vivzie, with Gooseworx by outing Goose as a fetish artist (which xhey still are) and a pedo (currently the only evidence for this is a single screenshot from 'cord).

There is no dox here, take your meds

Name: Vivienne Maree Medrano



Address (Could be outdated):

200 E Angeleno Ave 309, Burbank, CA 91502

Old addresses:

9161 Landon House Ln, Frederick, MD, 21704-7765 (2017-2019)

10706 Pheasant Dr, Apt A, Clarksburg, MD, 20871-8523 (2013-2017)

9110 Hendry Ter, Frederick, MD, 21704-7814 (2010-2013)


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phone numbers:



Old phone numbers:





José Erasmo Medrano (


Ana Gabriela Medrano


Allison Jeanne Medrano

Edwin Alejandro Medrano

Jorge Eduardo Medrano

Maritza Medrano

Social media:

Liam Vickers

More than likely an unironic tranime soyboy based on xis appearance on the Glitch X stream. Xis show- Murder Drones, is the second highest candidate to be used as motivation for attacks against Glitch Productions, due to the simple fact that it's fanbase only cares if the KILLER ROBOTS mind you, can or will fuck. Past work includes inhuman girls in trannie fantasy situations - often murderous, showing this shit is a trend. The murderous girl trend perhaps indicates desire to ACK.

Glitch Founders

The two who created this coal are the Lerdwichagul brothers, Kevin and Luke. Luke is the only one of the two to have ever been seen to make anything that can be considered (close to) gem, having been the original creator of the SMG4 channel all the way back in 2011. It became a coal mine in 2016, when (((Kevin))) saw the channel and decided to ruin a good thing by convincing Luke to make it corporate. They coincidentally added trannie OCs around this time as well, therefore ending any semblance of being gem it had in its glory days. As Kevin can be considered the catalyst for ruining it and creating the trannie slop that is Glitch, multiple 'Teens consider him a major reason to attack Glitch. Luke is also considered motivation for being a sellout.

It is publicly known they are native to Australia, but combing of their information (which is likely already public somewhere as well, since large Jewtubers are known to have no sense of privacy) is yet to be done by the Party.

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