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Board Clash is currently a dead project. You can help by updating this page and making it better reflect the project's death.
Cause of Death: people just forgot about it after many MANY other events (also froot lost interest)

Board Clash: Sharty Edition
FoundedNovember 4th, 2023

Board Clash: Sharty Edition aka The Sharty Cup was to be a spine-tingling, bone-chilling, genre-redefining, A24-inspired PES virtual divegrass[1] competition between boards and cliques on the Sharty. According to Froot, due to time reasons, the cup has been cancelled. As of December, 5, 2023 the project appears to be dead with 'teens no longer posting about it, nobody cares anymore. Not to mention many of the boards represented here no longer exist.

Teams[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 32 teams competing in the Board Clash. Most of these teams are representative of a board on the site, although two of them represent the 'ki and booru, while one was dedicated to the now defunct KolymaNET.

Contact Froot or Poomageddon to become manager and add signature (~~~~) next to your team

Team Description Manager Anthem Cheers Goalhorns Victory Song
/soy/ obviously koosykoos
/q/ selfwash little fucks None
/blox/ gem None
/zellig/ Ongezellig roll
/r/ requests None
/ef/ esoteric fascwasm None
/a/ tranime None
/caca/ baby None
/kolyma/ kolyma network None
(Kuz goal)
/cado/ coin slot None
/bait/ bait None
/int/ international None
(Jew goal)
/x/ meds None
/nate/ coal None
/tct/ the current thing None
(Zelenskyy goal)
/craft/ Minecraft None
/fnac/ five nights at cobson's None
/incel/ 'farms None
/sci/ soyence None
/plier/ markiplier None
/mtv/ music, tv, vidya wellmeaningjakker
/raid/ raid None
/qa/ NAS Soytan
/sneed/ Sneed's Feed and Seed None
/pol/ Politics None
/ohio/ Ohio None
(Mr. Beast goal)
/an/ Animals & Nature None
/dawla/ dawla None
/wiki/ 'ki None
/booru/ 'ru None
/nigger/ nigger None
/froot/ FRQQT None

Kits[edit | edit source]

Main article: Board Clash/Kits

Rosters[edit | edit source]

Main article: Board Clash/Rosters

Positions for you ameriDEITIES[edit | edit source]

A typical divegrass positions
  • CF - Center Forward
  • LWF - Left Wing Forward
  • RWF - Right Wing Forward
  • SS - Second Striker
  • CMF - Center Midfielder
  • LMF - Left Midfielder
  • RMF - Right Midfielder
  • AMF - Attacking Midfielder
  • DMF - Defensive Midfielder
  • CB - Center Back
  • LB - Left Back
  • RB - Right Back
  • GK - Goalkeeper

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Links[edit | edit source]

  1. divegrass even doe its an entire sport

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