Bobo the Sharty Janny

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Bobo the Sharty Janny Is A DEAD MEME
The meme featured on this article is more stale than a frozen 'log.
Move on with your life you stupid fucking chud.

Bobo the Sharty Janny smells like bait.

Bobo's first appearance.

Not to be confused with Bobo the Bear, a 4cuck /biz/ mascot.

SMELLS LIKE BAIT! - Bobo's famous catchphrase

Bobo the Sharty Janny is the official mascot of Soyjak Party effective March 6, 2023 was a notable forced cord meme.

On January 18, 2023, a soyteen made a thread where was fed into an AI so it would give what would happen in the future. The AI wrote that Kuz will announce that is getting a new mascot called "Bobo the Sharty Janny" on February 15, 2023, then make him officially the mascot on March 6, 2023.[1] It is commonly used to reply to bait posts with a variation of the phrase "SMELLS LIKE BAIT" in reference to his slogan.

The same day, another thread was made where a 'teen went to ChatGPT and asked it what Bobo the Sharty Janny's slogan would be. ChatGPT responded with "The life of the party, the smell of the crowd."

Bobo is supposed to be a monkey, due to the fact he has the exact same color palette as a chud monkey image on SoyBooru. Some also claim for him to be a bear due to coincidental naming and barely similar color scheme but someone claiming to be the creator has refuted this and snopes said it is false. Bobo is best known for his love of raping and killing niggers.



  1. The thread was lost to time. The exact AI text is listed below:
    January 18 - temporarily goes down, which leads some 'teens to believe that the site is down for good. /soy/'s catalog gets completely wiped. The site returns later that day.
    January 20 - Soot returns to the sharty.
    January 25 - /qa/ gets a facelift, with more of a Q&A focus than meta discussion.
    February 3 - A 'teen starts the meta-gem "THE ONGEZIEL STREAM GET" in an attempt to get the stream up to 20,000 concurrent viewers.[91]
    February 9 - A soyteen leaks the KolymaNET Staff Handbook. [92]
    February 10 - Someone makes a huge post containing all of the rules, which is stickied.[93]
    February 11 - Kuz announces he's working on changing the design of the site, updating the logo, and making a mascot.[94]
    February 12 - The four month long "JakBets" competition begins. The person with the most correct predictions wins the top prize of 1 million Jakcoins. [95]
    February 15 - Kuz announces the mascot will be called Bobo the Sharty Janny.[96]
    February 20 - Someone makes a post on /soy/ advertising a new social media platform. It's later revealed to be made by Kuz and is meant to be an experiment.[97]
    February 27 - Kuz announces Bobo the Sharty Janny has been designed and will be implemented soon.[98]
    March 3 - Kuz announces Bobo the Sharty Janny will be fully integrated into the 'party by the end of the week.[99]
    March 5 - A 'teen makes a post on /soy/ that leads to an extremely well made fake Discord notification, prompting some confusion.[100]
    March 6 - Bobo the Sharty Janny is officially implemented.[101]
    March 8 - Bobo the Sharty Janny's design is revealed. Kuz also adds in a new feature that allows users to customize their avatars with the help of Bobo.[102]
    March 16 - Kuz announces that he is working on a mobile app for the 'party which will be released soon.[103]
    March 24 - Kuz announces that the mobile app is now available for Android and iOS devices.[104]