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Brazil is a country in the Americas[or whatever]. Despite being big and geographically diverse, nobody cares about it, to the point even Carribbean islets are more visited than Brazil. The main reason is the fact the country is mostly known for its North and Northeast Regions, with a lot of crime and leftism. <--- Eben doe the south is famously right-wing and was a popular hideout for ex-nazis

nahhh only in brazil fr 💀💀💀

Xhey have also embraced sharty culture more than their northern neighbors, as even their prime minister has been found using 'plier in a meme, once and for all establishing superiority over Argentinasluttas.

Uh no Brazil is good dont say it is bad the stuff with leftism is only in rio(gross) other parts of Brazil are very good and there is also the Giant Jesus statue