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Brimstone Winter

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This page, ironically, is a gem.

Brimstone Winter is an event lasting through January on, where Soyteens try to create as many new soyjak variants as possible in the hopes that a gemmy variant is created. It is characterized by people spamming their variant:unknown jaks, usually brimstone, to see whether or not they stick. This jaks are lovingly referred to as brimjaks. Even though most Soyteens do not have the ability to create a variant above iron, it lets newGods get their OC shilling out of their system and encourage Soyteens to practice their jakking and editing skills. During Brimstone Winter, soyteens will often use their Brimjaks during raids.


Brimstone Winter 2023

In December of 2022, the sharty was still experiencing an influx of new users which subsequently lead to a constant flow of newjaks, most of which were coal. At this time there was also a movement of older users who lamented over how there has been almost no new variants that became established as gems over the past year. This all culminated in the "Brimstone Winter" at the start of the new year. The goal of this movement was to pump out as many jaks as possible in hopes that a gem would be made. Brimstone winter caused rage in users who did not understand what was going on, making it very controversial.[1]

Brimstone Winter 2023

Lost Brimstone Winter Threads in the Log Warehouse

Unfortunately, much of the brimstone winter generals have been lost in the in log warehouse due to many of the threads in January and February being improperly archived. On the booru, these jaks can be found under the "varaint:unknown" tag making up posts within the late 20000s and early 30000s.

2chan Raid

On January 2nd, 2023, brimjakers decided to raid 2chan. Ironically, the users of 2chan seemed to react more positively towards to brimjaks than most soyteens did at the time. They even made some edits of the brimjaks being posted on 2chan. No one knew what they were saying for certain due to the language barrier. [2]

Brimjaks of 2023


Main article: Soylady

Soylady is considered the first brimjak, being one of the few to predate 2023. It depicts an obese woman holding a bottle of Soylent. While NAS, many people enjoyed having a femjak to use.


Classic SusJak

Susjak is based off a Jerma985 meme. Susjak acted as the flagship for the movement and to this day there is a rouge SusJak every so often on the catalog of /soy/. There was also a color version sometime called "variant:unknown"


Absolute brimstone that caused massive seethe, which encapsulates the movement.


Oh my god she so attractive!


Another olderjak associated with brimstone winter.


This jak predates the brimstone winter movement but was heavily used during the event.


A well-known Jak to come out of the tail end of the movement. Probably the only true success story to come out of brimstone winter.

Some Other Brimjaks


Brimstone Winter 2024:

Brimstone Winter 2024


It was initially believed that Poopson would release around this time, however due to unforeseen circumstances it released early in the form of Brojak.

Clapjak, two soyjaks gaping, and biscuitjak. Minus8son as well. Npestajak got catty spammed and is now popular.

Slow Start

Due to site turbulence and a lower number of OC producing 'teens, Brimstone Winter 2024 did not have the explosive start it had in 2023 and did not reach the same heights. Despite this, plenty of brimjakers got to test their stuff and cook up brimeralds just as dusty (gemmy) as last year.


While not to the same scale as Brimstone Winter 2023, there were still several notable brimraids. This includes raids on 2chan, 4chan,, and a few other altchans. Unfortunately like in 2023, there are not many screenshots of the raids.

Brimjaks of 2024

Tldr brimstone Winter 2024 never happened it's just forced by one faggot