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Buff Soyjaks

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Buff Soyjaks are Soyjaks who decided to take full advantage of soy's excellent protein content[1] and hit the gym. While they are fairly new variant, they have shown to achieve impressive muscle gains in a short amount of time. Many dyels claim that Buff Soyjaks take performance enhancing drugs though there is no evidence of any of that, they follow a strict diet of soy-shakes, bugs and fruits freshly picked from Fruitjak's heads.


Buff Soyjaks have fallen victims to internet rumors implying they are homosexual. Those rumors, likely colported by chuds, are vastly unfounded and only loosely supported by their newfound confidence that pushes them to show off their bulging muscles. Some naked photographs of Buffjaks sporting massive erections can be found online but those were merely the result of a gay-for-soy photo shoot[2][3]. Those pictures WILL NOT be used to slander fitness-loving 'jaks.


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