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Bumo is an ancient Soyical Arts technique. The art of bumoing a thread is extremely complex. On the surface level, if you type bumo on a thread you consider a gem, it will be bumped. However, many bumo experts say that it is much more complicated than that. Many soyjakkers spend years mastering the art of Bumo, but few are able to use it to its full effect.

Bumo Wrestlers

A Bumo Wrestler concentrating his energy before bumoing a gemmie thread.

Bumo Wrestlers are soyteens that can use bumoing with an advanced amount of skill. Aspiring Bumo Wrestlers usually make the treck to the Fruitjak Ridge, where they meditate for years. Only there are they able to learn the complex intricacies of bumoing a thread.

Relationship with Sega

Bumo and sega are the yin and yang of imageboards. If someone sega's a thread you like, make sure to issue a counter-bumo to undo the damage.

Modern Age

Bumo practitioners nowadays are occasionally referred to as “bumophiles”, and mocked as transgender. The art itself has mostly died out, except among zellig posters or something

Post number 1888888 was created on January 2, 2023 and simply read "bumo". This get was widely considered to be a Gem by 'teens.[1]


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