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This is an actual ad for a non-sharty website, take everything here with a grain of salt and remind this other site's jannies that they do it for free.

FoundationSeptember 8th, 2015
Major Boards/leftypol/
Total posts1,000,000+
Average Leftypol user

Leftypol, formerly Bunkerchan, also known as leftycoal, is a datamining website founded in 1998. Originally a board on 8chan, it was made as a left-wing alternative to 4chan's /pol/ board. [1] It has a strict no-soyjak policy as per rule two[2]. Posting any soyjak at all will result in an immediate 1 hour ban because you hurt their feelings (they really do >look like that and say that.)

Site mods don't tolerate any criticism of China, even if someone criticises it from commie or Soy Justice Warrior point of view. Doing this will most likely result in a 'nishment for "trolling", which together with its datamining makes it look like a CCP owned propagandist echo chamber. More research on this topic is needed. DO DID NOT tolerate intolerance nor bigotry. [3] Interestingly enough though, they though that Gulags were so funny they named a nigger board after them. Bunkerchan? More like bunkertranny! [4] [5]


To nobody's surprise, mods, specifically Cabalo (who is responsible for the radlib wordfilters for "nigger" and "tranny") engage in datamining, proof below.

Post this, and see how quickly you'll get 'nished.

Soyteens beware! Do not go to leftycoal with your real IP, as their tranny mod has leaked several soldiers of God (CHVD) IPs before.


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