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goo goo gaga, me take a caca

This did not happen. A mod never moved a thread there.

Early /caca/ History


"poopy caca soor sooty soot, peepee caca, shitty caca sooty soot, pop!" - baby

Doll's former statement on /caca/

"We had a /caca/ board? I'm gonna have to wring a janny's neck tonight."[2]

Baby Day

After months of anticipation, the /caca/ board re-opened on June 27th, 2023 (unless you're a European) following a full scale riot from babies. This day may always be known as Baby Day, Caca Day, or The Day the Babies Stormed the /soy/pitol.

Doll's Update

Doll's announcement on /soy/, added to the Sticky.

At 15:00 EST on 6/27/23, Soyjak.Party admin Doll quietly posted an update about new temp boards. Amidst the typical soyquotes, a few baby posters took offense to the decision: /giga2/ had been open the past weekend, and while /plier/ had some fan interest, nobody had heard requests for the proposed Islam board /dawla/, while babies had begged for /caca/ for months. All it took was a few 'teens posting baby threads for the catalog to snowball into a full-on riot.

The Baby Riots

A capture taken early into the riot.

Directly following the update, baby-faction 'teens flooded the /soy/ catalog with all sorts of baby threads, some protesting the change and others simply crying and flailing for /caca/ to be added. It is reported that the riots lasted no longer than 15 minutes before site moderation gave in.

Re-opening of /caca/

A few Soyteens noticed their baby threads had been moved by moderation staff to a board called /caca/, and they'd finally gotten their wish. There were no statements or move messages added to the threads, so it was something of a natural discovery for the rioting babies. The /caca/ board was officially re-opened after being something only of myth.

Before and after captures of the /caca/ board title.

It took just over an hour for /caca/ to reach its thousandth post, which was nearly triple the amount of posts /giga2/, the temp board which preceded /caca/, achieved over an entire weekend. The post would be stickied by either a moderator or Doll himself.

The /caca/ 1000 GET.


Cha-cha Ca-ca slide

The subtitle of /caca/ is changed frequently by Doll (#1-24) and Root (#25-). Following is the timeline:

  1. Open until i get home in a few hours
  2. ababa
  3. dooory soor
  4. soor!
  5. dada
  6. blbbbblblblbbbblr
  7. kooby koob
  8. I'll miss you too little buddies
  9. [nothing]
  10. gaga
  11. yes yes
  12. My son is three years old, and we've been trying to potty train him for a while now. Unfortunately, we've hit a major roadblock - his fear of the "skibidi toilet" You might be wondering what a "skibidi toilet" is, and honestly, I had no idea either until we encountered it. Fron what I've gathered, "skibidi toilet" is basically a new genre of youtube video about evil singing toilets. Basically think zombies but instead they're toilets that sing in your face. I was fine to let my son watch the videos at first, as they seemed innocent enough and fairly harmless, but they soon devolved into strange post apocalyptic material with grotesque toilets fighting in a war against mankind, so I finally intervened and cut him off. I thought that was the end of it, he can't watch the videos anymore so theres nothing to be afraid of. Well, I was wrong. This has since turned into a complete nightmare for us at home. We recently started potty training and he refuses to use the toilet now due to skibidi toilet. Whenever we try to put him on it he screams and refuses to go anywhere near it. We've tried explaining that skibidi toilet isnt real and our toilet is completely safe, but it seems like it's too overwhelming for him. We even let him decorate it with stickers, hoping it would make him less afraid, but no luck so far. It utterly breaks my heart to see him so anxious about such a simple thing that every child goes through. I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Should we give him more time and hope that he warms to the toilet, or is it better to try a completely different approach? I know every child is different, but has anyone else experienced something similar? How did you deal with skibidi toilet in your household, if you encountered it?
  13. dada got me migdonmalds habby meal!!
  14. baba!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
  15. da bestest bord, dada apwoved
  17. me? gongaga
  18. dada geting midonals, wules fo babbga: 1. NO talk to stwangers 2. be NISE to broddur 3. DOMT eat wehmote
  19. strengf of dubble diaber
  20. the words "agbagba gfdhjkgsaeh" redefined
  21. Am I being unreasonable to be concerned about toilet video trend in sons school class? Hi guys first time poster and relatively young mum (im 22) so go easy on me if this sounds silly 🙂. My son is in year 1 and a lot of the boys in his class are talking about "skibidi toilet" which is a series of videos on YouTube. I didn't want my son to be left out so I thought I'd check them out before letting him watch them so when his friends are talking about it he can join in. The videos I found were so weird and concerning I didn't end up showing him them because I thought they weren't appropriate for a 5 year old, I'll post a link below. So I guess my question is am I unreasonable to think it's strange to let your year one child watch these videos bearing in mind it's about half the kids in his class watching it? Do you guys have a similar trend at your children's schools? Would you let your year 1 child watch skibidi toilet?
  22. yabab
  23. soogy
  24. thins i do at unkuw roots house. 1 et lots of ise crem. 2 wach skibde on ipad 3 laff at twoons 5 take nap 4 wate for dada
  25. i vistid dada! we playd domin fiv and mincraft. watch mistr best on ipad. googl,com new roblox vidos
  26. mr best 1 doler caca vs 10000000 dolr caca