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Catalog wipe

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A catalog wipe, also known as a catty wipe, is when enough new threads are created on a board of an imageboard to completely replace all old ones, rendering the latter of which deleted and therefore unusable. Its namesake is the catalog viewer, which allows you to view all currently active threads at a glance. Catalog wipes used to be more common on the sharty, particularly /soy/, before hourly thread limits were added. In addition to the fact that one IP can only make a thread roughly every minute or so, this makes catty wiping even while utilizing a botnet very difficult. On /nate/, catalog wiping is welcomed with open arms and is not a punishable offense there. Catalog wiping is detrimental to websites like the sharty, but moreso to deader imageboard websites such as the 'fe. Some imageboards may utilize a rollback system to undo catty wiping, such as 4cuck, but this is not always the case.

A screenshot of an attempted wojak catty wipe.

Types of cattywipes

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