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Catjak is a forced meme?
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OriginUnknown, likely Feralteen's Discord
Booru Posts 3 (Catjak is probably banned!)
Traced FromAn AI generated image of a cat (AI-generated images are inherently coal)

Cat"""jak""" was a forced brimstone reddit animal drawing, created by Feralteen on ‎‎July ‎28, ‎2023.

It was forced by about 4 people who tried forcing this into popularity, but no one liked it besides them.

They will also edit this trying to make it seem like it is a "Gem" soyjak, but if you're calling your own soyjak a gem, that shows it is quite the opposite. Shows how forced it is.

Numerous low effort flag edits were spammed on the 'ru[1][a] but nearly all instances of Catjak were wiped from the 'ru, and all uses of its variant tag were removed. Remnants of it survived the purge in the form of scattered gems transmuted by the few alchemists willing to work with such noxious material. Adventurous gem-hunters can still find them through tag spelunking.

As of now, Feralteen is permanently banned from the Sharty, marking the end of this shit brimstone. haha disregard that i suck cocks

Roughly one week before catjak was cleansed from the 'ru, a catjak banner was added, then later removed. Unfortunately, proof of its existence is displayed below.

There's gonna be a better catjak because this one is brimmy There was already a better one and it rightfully didn't get half the attention this did or a wiki page.


The booru has gone to shit ever since people started making tags for every sciblejak NAS variant. No one likes "catjak". Catjak is Nas by all definitions. It is garbage. The brimstone winter cat soyjak has more of a right to be a named variant than this dogshit.
Chud, /q/[2]
best swede worst catjak
Froot rating variants

Actual cordstone whose banner I vote to be removed. Doesn't deserve a banner and isn't IAS.


Operation "Great Replacement"

In the 18th of September of 2023, the SoyBooru was attacked. Approximately 5000 tagged posts had all their tags removed and replaced to "variant:catjak". 'Teens noticed this during the evening and Angeleno shut the booru down for roughly 30 minutes to revert the changes. It is unknown if this was performed by the Catjak Cabal or a Higher force.

See Also

  • Variant:Unknown (the true identity of "catjak")
  • Flartson - It's forced in a similar way, also a coal variant.
  • Hippojak - Another fucking dogshit animal trace
  • Dogjak - The original animal gem


  1. This is by no means unique to catjak (see seriousjak whose low effort flag edits make up 61% (51 out of 83) of his posts on the booru), but it's a telltale sign that a new variant is being forced.


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TranniesNAS ♦ Pro-tranny posting ♦ CoalpostingDustBrimstone ♦ Engaging in and talking about sharty drama ♦ Pro-pedophilia advocacyCP SpamSnitchesSpamDemoralizationPorn ♦ Altchan/4chan Raiding and Jackbox Raiding slowly becoming less and less common ♦ Märgerautismus SyndromeSelf-insert syndromeBaby botVariant:UnknownShit Nobody Cares About

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JesusAdmin Thrembo ♦ KILLING ALL CORDNIGGERS ♦ Reporting bait and awful threads ♦ Organizing raids ♦ Bumping good threads ♦ Doxxing trannies ♦ Implementing a CP filtering system ♦ systemctl stop nginx ♦ Not taking your meds ♦ and most importantly... Original Content