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This Person is trans btw, if that matters.

CeceFem will burn in niggerhell for all eternity!

The 'za has been ordered.


NationalityAmerimutt or whatever
Best known forBeing a tranny who grooms teenagers and then blackmails them until they kill themselves. Raiding the 'sharty.
Political partyDiscord

Angelford Sho Humpheres, known online as "Celestia", CeceFem, CoalFag, CacaFem, CeceFag or as simply Cece, is a child-grooming tranny and attention whore who encourages his (often underage) followers to troon out and eventually kill themselves. His social media of choice is Twitter, & the 'cord. He maintains no public online presence beyond those two platform. He has been the subject of an ongoing investigation by Chuds to uncover his identity, called "the biggest challenge the sharty has EVER faced"[1].

More information about him can be found in his Kiwifarms thread.

On November 4th, 2023, he made a lengthy post on Twitter announcing his retirement from making porn edits due to his "ex-boyfriend being involved in a school shooting plot"[2].

Cecefem in his definitive quitting message

Personal Life

CeceFem is very secretive about his personal life. He claims to be ethnically a hapa (Japanese/white), 18 years of age (11/09/2001), and is believed to be from Washington. He has a massive love for interracial tranny cuck porn.

From several screenshots of his personal Twitter we know that his father beat the shit out of him for being a sissy faggot which created the trauma that cause caused him to troon out. (A lesson for future 'teen fathers: love your children or they are gonna troon out like Cece). His brother also beat him and called him a faggot before he died. His dad eventually got arrested and divorced from his wife. After a few years his dad calls him just to tell Cece that hes going to hell for being a faggot lmao. So yea CeceFem is pretty much the best example on what happens when your parents dont love you. He also has ADHD and probably a whole slew of other mental disorders such as autism, depression, bipolar/borderline, and has mentioned frequently vommiting due to unknown causes (not an ED). One can almost feel pity for him (even doe he might be making shit up [most likely scenario albeit]).

The Raid on the Sharty

At some point (approximately March of 2023), racebait flooded the Sharty after the first dox thread concerning Cece. This lead to Cado and TND being spammed as a counterattack. The war lasted a few days. The BBC posters were either opportunist Sharty natives or raiders from the Cececord, but the volume of posts was abnormally high and it seemed to be in reaction to the dox thread.

In July of 2023 interest in him has sparked again, which resulted in increased racebait threads. Cece is currently desperately trying to get attention from the sharty by telling his discord cabal to spam bait threads name droping him, which is funny because his whole Twitter thing is calling people pathetic for giving him money in exchange for his attention.

On August 16th 2023 CeceFem posted an edit of an adult Soylita with a coal background on his Twitter, proving that he is aware of the sharty's interest in him.

On August 30th 2023 Turkey Tom briefly mentioned CeceFem and his "goon addiction BNWO estrogen cult" in his video on Giggly Goonclown, saying that it's "a whole different story for another day".[3]

On September 16th 2023 a doxteen named Yazrii posted pictures of Cecefem at the tranime Sakura convention in Seattle, WA, prompting a damage control shitfest from Cecefem's 'cord.[4]

The Shitlita brimstone image posted by CeceFag


Around the events of September 16th, some tranny calling himself the "cecewaffen" posted an edit him or some other discord tranny made that showed clear images of Celestia's face. This was confirmed as Yazrii's dox of Celestia very clearly showed the same person with the same outfit.

On February 1st, a zip file containing ALL OF CECE'S DISCOAL MESSAGES[5] was posted to the /raid/ board. Inside was leaks of his face pre-trooning out, his troon face, and more.

Name: Angelford Sho Humpheres

Troon Name: Celestia Soul Konno

DOB: November 9th, 1996

Phone Number: +16693698099

Address: 2308 West Bellingham, WA, 98225


Cecefem announced his retirement from the "Cecefem" character on November 4th, 2023 on his Twitter. Alongside some gay video of his favorite anime character getting burned and then hit by a truck, he uploaded a lengthy "Q&A" on fusetter. In it, he claimed that he was quitting due to a number of reasons, one of which claiming that his ex boyfriend was involved in a school shooting, and that a femdom twitter account was targeting him and his family. He then went on to babble on about how he was just playing "a character" and was never actually into BNWO fetishism, like most retards do on the internet when they get caught doing something stupid.

Xhe is furthermore currently trying to sue Doll and Null for "derogatory whateverthefuck" according to Doll[6]

Support from /trash/

/trash/, 4cuck's worst board used for containment of all sorts of gross tranny fetishes, lovingly supports and endorses CeceFag and even Goonclown.


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