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CobSOn (band)

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>Though Maybe you were looking for Cobson?
The singer of the band??? OMGSISA

CobSOn was an ear-tingling, mind-blowing, genre-redefining french power pop/indie rock band from Montpellier, France founded in 2002[1]. Its 3 members[2] are one guitar singer, one guitar and one drummer but who played the piano?

Band Members

  • Anna Muchin[3]
  • Laurent Bencharif
  • Yannick Gomez

The only trac





  1. The exact date is unknown. Its first song "give the slip" (now "kidding?") was released in 2002. YOU WILL TRUST ME.
  2. DATA DOES NOT MATCH. SEETHING PROCESS: IN PROGRESS // Formation: one guitar singer+ one guitar +one drumer Drums and two guitars (and a piano)
  3. She may be the guitar singer due to her name always having the Sound recording copyright symbol ℗ in the auto-generated Youtube videos.