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This page is a gem.

An old 'toss depicting Karl Marx as the A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak
(Left to right) Fidel Coalstro, Thoughseph Stalin, and Mao Soot-tung, three major communist leaders
This image confirms that communists love dat BBC doe is frequently raided by communists who spam Truthnukes. Investigations by the /soy/ community have found that the Commiechad is Kuz himself. There is also a 'craft player/wiki editor named EngineTheCommie or YaLocalCommie who is the biggest commiaryan of them all.

Karl Marx

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(5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) Arguably one of the gemmiest jews who ever lived, best known for the amount of seething he caused in the United States of America, mainly through his followers. Many groups of aryans read his book and buck break their bosses into making their job go from a job that does not pay well to a job that pays well.

The Irony

On June 19th 1843, Karl Marx married Johanna Bertha Julie Jenny Edle von Westphalen (12 February 1814 – 2 December 1881), or Jenny von Westphalen. Make of that what you will.

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