Covington Farms

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Covington Farms Is A DEAD MEME
The meme featured on this article is more stale than a frozen 'log.
Move on with your life you stupid fucking chud.
Daniel Covington Welcoming You To Convington Farms

Covington Farms was possibly the only funny fact check: true post-Goth sharty meme, the original artwork comes from deviantart, and it depicts a tall man named Daniel Covington with a blue suit, a cyan tie, and white hair, he also appears to be holding blueberries and a paintbrush, with text at the top saying "Welcome to Covington Farms...". The artwork features the blueberry inflation fetish, and if you look at the background, you can see 3 inflated blueberry men called "berry boys". Covington Farms is hated by Mexican Twink because inflationposter used it to troll him. the artwork can be found here.


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Then some deranged Jew from the USA bitch named (((Taylor))) decided to ruin the Internet with her garbage videos with zero editing, acting skills, made primarly for money like Max.

Then some Homosexual faggot jerking off to it decided to go and edit some shitty picture together with hero forge, and then created the lovely image you're seeing on the right..

The "IAS" Berryboy meme, recreated by a Jewgrounds user. Funnily enough, Berryboy in this pic seems to be doing what looks like the Hitler salute


in a similar fashion to Berryboy, it was posted once before being edited to be more IASsy. then it gained traction.

Who the fuck jerks off to this?

Daniel Covington unfortunately died after a Nigger raped him in the mouth and developed super aids

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† 1977- 2022 † - Rest in Thrembos and Power, Queen.