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Cryboy Soyjak

Soyjak (and also Wojak) variant
  • Selfish little fuck (since it's the variant most often used for those edits)
OriginUnknown, possibly 4chan?
Booru Posts 604 As of December 29th, 2023
Traced FromWojak
SubvariantsSelfish Little Fuck

Cryboy Soyjak is a variant that is probably the most recognizable and the most unrecognized Soyjak of all time due to being mistaken for Soyak. Like Soyak it is an edit of Wojak but with glasses and a stubble. It is notable for it's poorly made glasses, stubble, mouth, and thick eyebrows. The variant also features bloodshot eyes, a bald head, and a trail of tears on his face. It also has 2 sets of eyebrows due to the fact that the creator of it didn't erase the original Wojak's eyebrows when he made it.


Not much is known about this variant, but the earliest recorded appearance of him was in an /v/ soyquote on the 3rd of July 2018, with the filename of "received_190178001829334.jpg"[1] suggesting that it was downloaded from somewhere else (Facebook Messenger?) and that the variant is probably a little bit older than the date that the first archived post of it was made.

It was possibly referenced in an April 2018 thread.[2]


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