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Da Joos (rapper)

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He looks cool.

This page is a gem.

Joshua Thompson[1], aka Da Joos, is a retired[2] rapper from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. He is NOT JoshuaThompson37[3][4] on Youtube. He has a brother [5]called Lee[6] who's black, in case you wanted to know.


  1. SWA - DaJoos (Clean)
  2. Carona EP - DaJoos (Official)
  3. Alphabet Soup - DaJoos (Official Audio)
  4. woke - DaJoos (Official Audio)
  5. Ride o' Die - $upa 8 x DaJoos (Official Audio)

Soycial media links

Youtube and Instagram links are missing. He didn't put them in his bio or something.

  1. His name is in his Soundcloud link.
  2. He hasn't posted a song since "Ride o' Die - $upa 8 x DaJoos (Official Audio)" on april 23, 2020.
  3. The voices don't match THOUGH.
  5. Shown in the description here..