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A jak a day keeps the meds away.

The second generation of Dailyjak.

Throughout the sharty's history, there have been a number of programs referred to as the Dailyjak, itself being a platform where a soyjak is uploaded daily. There have been a total of 4 iterations of the Dailyjak.

First generation Dailyjak


Posted Dailyjaks on a site, started to lag behind and eventually disappeared.

Second generation Dailyjak

A revival attempt, it kept going until day 133 on May 13th 2021 when it suddenly disappeared

Located at:

Third generation Dailyjak

The third Dailyjak, which is located on Telegram. Abandoned after kuz stepped down. Later started posting 'jaks again after being acquired by another anonymous user who, after the Soypocalypse began endorsing alternative boards such as Frenschan and[1]

The last ACTUAL dailyjak post was made on Augst 8th. On August 15th, the same day as the Soypocalypse (or the day thereafter depending on timezone), the Dailyjak posted

>I can no longer endorse soytroon.discordy with a clear consience. Please use superior imageboards like or

On September 17th, 2023, after a hiatus, the Dailyjak had a poll asking for “Your Favourite Admin”; Kuz got 70% of the vote. He then posted an alleged Kuz quote:

>"Terrible people. Absolutely terrible how they are running things. Never seen someone as incompitent. Terrible what they have done to that site. The polls show they want me back. Look at the new guy, let's call him 1 percenter because thats what he has in the polls. And they want me back, yeah. Is it 60%? 70%? [Reffering to seperate poll] They messed up. They hate that guy"

A thread was made on /soy/ discussing this, with the body text “Hes not wrong”.[2] A user replied

>why is kuz consistently ranked as the best admin?

, with Chud ## Mod replying to both that and the OP with

>same guy
>>tennessee IP
>im thinking coalymacord woke up

Did Kuz Max purchase the Dailyjak? Was that supposed-quote, supposedly from a “close friend”, posted by him in the third person?

In the same thread, Froot boasted that

>Froot won, again.

>Im better than kuz

The telegram quote was later deleted.

Located at:

Fourth generation Dailyjak

On October 20th, 2023, it was announced by Froot that there would be a new version of the Dailyjak Telegram, and that it would be run by Doll with Froot making occasional posts[3]. The first jak posted was an Impmutt, or something like that[4].