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The following contains material that some may find disturbing

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Soyjak variant
Origin/soy/, Soyjak.party (August 30, 2023)
blogpost version

Darkiplier is a soyjak based on Markiplier from an image known as Golden Markiplier, where Markiplier has been edited to have no eyes, gaping mouth and golden skin.

There are several 'jaks of Darkiplier. The main one has Evilson-style shadows, but a non-shadow edit also exists. Darkiplier is also mostly used as a soyjak to express that something is disturbing. [He just is, okay?]


The first variant of Darkiplier was created on August 30th, 2023 at roughly 19:00 UTC on a soyjaks.party thread.[1] The original post had the photo of Golden Markiplier and was captioned, "someone jak this terrifying 'plier." Someone then replied 3 hours later with the first 2 variants of Darkiplier.

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