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Dekuzification refers to the actions Froot and his entourage have made in order to distance the site from Kuz as much as possible. The goal of this process is to make the sharty forget Kuz ever was admin and close the chapter in history, while cleaning the site of what he believes to be remaining kuzist supporters.

So far, Froot has done the following to dekuzify the site:

  • Wordfiltering Kuz to "pedo" and Kolyma to "larp group"
  • Purging choodists
  • The 50 board plan (A direct response to Kuz's 5 board plan)
  • Enacting Operation Unthinkable; mass banning LGBT and muslim users. Kuz was known to be both of these
  • Removing the Kuz-era banners
  • Removing the Kolyma memeflag from /pol/
  • Renaming the Kolyma and Kolymadark styles to Photon and Spooky, respectively
  • Generally having a more hands-on approach on moderation, engaging with the userbase far more often than Kuz

Analyzing Froot's motives

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The reason for Froot's near obsessive hatred of Kuz seems hard to understand from an outside perspective, since every normal person would just declare him an old pedophile and forget about him. One explanation is that it comes from a place of insecurity, as Froot wants to be respected like the big three admins (Soot, Kuz and Doll). Kuz, whose controversies mostly revolved around him as a person, handled the site like a company while Froot handles it like an immature 16 year-old. This difference makes him perpetually seethe, explaining every action Froot has taken since buying the sharty.

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