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The derailer gun. pretty much a railgun but it derails threads
The derailer gun is a raid teens firearm of choice on the harsh /raid/ battlefield

Derailing is the action of making a thread about something other than what it originally was meant to discuss/be about (e.g. a /v/ coombait thread being turned into a ‘jakker’s paradise). Derailed threads can eventually get back on topic, but not always. It’s banned on both the ‘cuck and the ‘arty (though on the latter not as much), because having fun isn’t stunning and brave or something. Much like trolling the best way to derail is to post in a way that can technically still be considered a discussion of a thread. for example if you were on /pol/ you would simply give the wrong opinion and shill joe biden. While its obvious derailing. it can still be technically considered "just sharing your opinion on things" and as such the mods cant ban you. Derailing can come in many shapes and sizes however if you want to be a pro derailer then follow these steps

Find a way to derail in a way that cant be considered bannable

attention grabbing rainbow sparkled background with giant outlined text that says "attention grabbing image" the text colors are black and then the outline is white
Use attention grabbing images like the pepe(4cuck meme but its good for blending in) or ones from soybooru ( to get the attention of the posters and make your post stand out. this increases your chances of replies by 2x in some cases!

Like I said before with trolling. The best way to derail is to give "your own opinion on the matter"(with that opinion being the complete opposite of what everyone agrees with) Although its not your acutal opinion and your trolling/derailing. The mods cant ban you as your just voicing "your genuine thoughts" on the matter and arent technically doing anything wrong. Once you have got a bunch of seething replies start replying to them explaining your reasoning and insulting others. This will cause even more outrage and bring the center of attention to you instead of the threads topic. Then once you do that start replying with evidence that is slightly unrealted to the thread to get people off topic keep doing that and you will have ruined the entire thread. Never admit wrong if you want double effectiveness. act oblivious to the other side to increase seething replies.

Tips to make your derailing posts stand out more.

- Add an attention grabbing image

- Never admit wrong. doing so means that the other side won and that there is no need to reply to you anymore

- Dont seem to obvious as a baiter. mix things up a little

Get friends to derail a thread with you

It may seem obvious but this increases your chances of derailing a thread by almost 2x. Being able to continue replying to messages with the help of your friend instead of waiting 40 seconds on 4cuck is much better. it allows you to

-Reply to messages faster. Instead of having to wait a 30 seconds for each post on 4cuck you can simply ask your friend to go on there computer and reply with what you want there.

-Be able to fight back with 2 or more if you have more friends

- More people equals more posts which means more wrong opinions. which equals more seething replies which equals TOTAL DERAILMENT

faggot drawing
"Millennials are only able to remember the good parts of "the old days" and are mentally incapable of remembering anything bad about there time. As a result they view anything new as "le bad" and will constantly throw temper tantrums when technology or the world evolves. They think that young peoples have it so much worse to when they were a child in there time. even tho no one would want to relieve those days. this is a typical example of troonslop produced by another fag who is blinded by nostalgia." -Dr soyberg

Post anything gen z related

4cuckers hate newfags. they cant stand seeing people younger than them. According to peer reviewed studies its because it reminds them that time is passing and they are getting older. Which reminds them of how little they have acomplished in their life. as a result they lash out at anything new or young people as a sort of coping mechanism to deny the fact they are scared of there uneventful existence. posting skulls, only in Ohio, roblox, any new game that kids play. saying you grew up with dantdm, will cause them to have levels of seething off this world. if you can find a way to make it on topic with the thread so the jannys don't ban you. you can single handley kill a thread before it even starts. Here are some tips to make your post more "gen z/gen alpha" skibidi sigma:

- Emojis don't work on 4chan and if you want to use a skull emoji then just use :skull: It wont display the actual emoji but its generally how you type emojis on clients like discord. as a result :skull: is commonly identified with the skull emoji. or upload an attachment as a skull emoji picture as well.

- Use terms like "sigma", "only in ohio", "blud/bluddy"

- If you are on /g/ a great way to get people seething is to say you "grew up with windows 8.1 and that its great". People will scream that you are a young "gen zer"(oh no) and for the mods to ban you. however the mods technically cant ban you as you haven't said your under 18

- If you are on /v/ Say you grew up with the xbox one and that old games suck. instant replies. Say that you love Fortnite if you want to nuke the entire thread.

- Act like a newfag and reply to anyone who says "nigger" by saying "That word is completely uncalled for and offensive". Act like an idiot. when people reply to you say stupid shit like "how do I add an attachment". This will cause major replies

Common Types of Derailment

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