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DnBjak (aka Neurofunk and DJ Juicy) is a proto-Soyjak that predates the Classic Soyjak by one year. It's an avatar that resembles soyjak by coincidence, used as a social media avatar by DJ JUICY, a Drum & Bass / Jungle musician living in Oxford, UK.


In 2023 chuds found[could use a link to the thread] an image resembling soyjak on a 20-minute long YouTube mixtape of Drum & Bass tracks. The video was uploaded in 2016, making this proto-Soyjak image predate Soyak by at least one year. Apparently, the discovery was a stroke of sheer luck considering how old and obscure the video was.

Reverse searching the image shows that it is the current avatar of the DNB musician DJ JUICY, on soundcloud. "DJ Juicy from Oxford, UK. Jungle/Drum and Bass DJ since 1993 & Producer since 2002."

Status as IAS

It's status as IAS is disputed, but it has several qualifying features:

  • Open mouth
  • Glasses
  • Aliased Almost, but it was saved as a jpeg

However, it lacks a beard and a balding, which are signature marks of a modern soyjak. It might also be the first self-insert in 'jak history.

A few 'jak purists qualify it as NAS. However, in comparison to chudjak, which has been qualified as IAS, it even has one more common soyjak feature that isn't present on the former.

That being said, you VILL IASsify this image.[DONE] And you vill also find the archive of the original thread from 6 months ago where this was found.

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