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I love you too little buddy
Doll's catchphrase
Thank you for your time teens. It was an absolute pleasure to be your admin, and I look forward to talking with you all sometime soon in the future, as just a soyteen. If you have something to ask or say, Froot and Angeleno both have a way to contact me. Never stop 'jakking, and (You) are the gem that saves the sharty. See you soon little buddies.
Doll's final words during his third term as admin

A picture of Doll and his Soyjak
Administrator of
In office
Preceded byFroot
In office
Preceded byChood
Succeeded by
In office
Preceded byMax
Succeeded byAnarchy
In office
Preceded byKuz
Succeeded by
  • Kuz
  • Max (co-admin)
Manager of
In office
Personal details
L████ C█████

Political partyDollist
Other political
Spouse"Ms. Doll"
ChildrenAt least one
OccupationForklift operator
Best known forOn and off administrator of the sharty
Admin on the 'ki and soycraft
Former manager and later owner of the sharty
TripcodeDOLL !!59h406Qrgo
DOLL ##BIG BUDDY (capcode)

Doll (Often stylized as DOLL), aka Leonid Kozakov (as named by Kolyma) and Dada by Babyjak was an administrator (curr co-admin) and former manager of He used to go by "CHUD ## Manager" before the pseudonym "Doll" was revealed in by Kuz in a Q&A thread.[1] Doll has confirmed himself to be Raikokubishi, the administrator of the Soycraft server. Doll is a self-proclaimed “sootist". Doll has had Q&A's running on /q/ with over 10,000 replies, and most information relating to him was sourced from those threads.[2]

During his third term in August, Doll found himself embroiled in one of the largest controversies the sharty had seen; the Soypocalypse, eventually culminating in the sharty's temporary closure on August 22nd 2023. Fortunately, he would restore the site days later, briefly continuing his tenure alongside Angeleno and Froot under the Soyumvirate.

He would eventually resign and sell the site on August 31st 2023, with Froot taking his place as the owner. If you include his tenure as a manager/admin under Kuz, Doll has been the second longest running admin in the party's history, only behind Soot.

After a few weeks of "retirement" and hinting that he might come back, after Angeleno's retirement it was announced that DOLL would be returning as the main admin of the site on Christmas Eve of 2023 by Froot[3]. He was later announced to be running the new Dailyjak Telegram on October 20th, 2023.


Not much is known about his life, but it has been confirmed that he is wanted as a war criminal in Russia for hiding Ukrainians in his attic during the early stages of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Doll is also wanted by INTERPOL for his involvement in selling biological weapons, human experimentation, human trafficking, murder, money laundering, and posting coal on twitter.[4]

As Raikokubishi on Soycraft

Doll manages the Soycraft server under the username Raikokubishi. Early on in the server's history he said almost nothing and would give starting players a full iron set so they could survive the first few days of the server, but he became more talkative as time went on. Eventually in the first q/a thread, he was asked if he was the same person as Raiko, and he confirmed he is Raiko. He oversaw a building contest held by Kuz. Doll said as long as no one causes excess drama on the server and players solve their own issues either via the in game court or PVP that he would not intervene unless there was griefing done. At some point Doll hired lawhichcraft as an op for the server and has rarely made appearances after the build contest was completed, leaving the server in law's hands. Law gone, Just Engine the redditor and baritone the scalie now with the yearly doll visit. Doll also assisted in the planning for the build contest along with Kuz, Sobot, and lawhichcraft.

As CHUD ## Manager

Kuz reveals the identity of Chud ## Manager

Prior to being temporarily made administrator of, Doll managed the mod team of the website, and occasionally posted in threads as CHUD ## Manager (Not to be confused with the similar-sounding, but entirely different, CHVD ## Moderator). He was fairly well-known among users of the site before he became it's administrator. There were 2 q/a's that were done by Chud ## Manager prior to his name being revealed, but Doll stated that the first one was him and the second q/a was done by someone else filling in for him that day as he was busy (???). He wasn't permitted to make changes to the site by himself, instead allowing Kuz to make changes and rely on Doll for their enforcement. Doll stated that (other than some notable exceptions like sobot, lolkek, and red) all of the current moderation staff on the site were hired and trained by him over the course of the last year.

As administrator of

Doll Soyjak
A depiction of Doll as Feraljak

On April 17th, 2023, Sobot announced in a sticky thread on /soy/ announcing that Kuz would be departing from the site for an unknown period of time, with Doll acting as the temporary administrator in his place.[5] This announcement caused many 'teens to be concerned about Kuz's wellbeing, with some even theorizing that Kuz had been killed and that the change in site leadership would be permanent. Notably, this announcement came after a credible threat was made towards John Doe, weeks of 'p spam, and an announcement about cracking down on Sharty-related Discord servers, all of which may have taken a toll on Kuz.

During his reign, Doll made many changes to the site, including reverting the default CSS to Yotsoyba B, taking a hardline stance against the discord pedophile groups attempting to subvert the site, changed the rules, added /caca/, /psy/, various text formatting options, and oversaw the transfer of the site/s to much more powerful servers. Doll claimed initially his motive for administrating the site to be maintaining stability in Kuz's absence, but after assuming ownership, has stated he wants to make the party have minimal drama (especially drama involving him) and for soyteens to continue posting funny soyjaks. He has almost militantly come out against different NAS on the party and attempted moving it off of /soy/ into other boards, such as /nate/ or /qa/,

Kuz later gave to Doll (making him THE admin rather than a temporary one) following kuz's HIV transitioning into AIDS and due to the site affecting his mental health. Well that didn't age well. Kuz gave the site to Max to attempt to pay off medical bills incurred due to his AIDS diagnosis, and after several months of drama involving Max's reluctance to give up the site and an auction, Doll acquired the party and the booru for $10,700, with $8,000 coming from his own pocket plus donations from 'teens. After the purchase, many of the promised changes he made over the course of the months the party was stuck in server-transition limbo were carried out. However, the strain of working 14 hour days, trannies reporting the site to the domain registrar+host, the $600 a month cost for the site's hosting and the loan repayment, daily bot attacks, and attacks from offsite pedophiles on the site caused a lot of stress to accumulate both on the site and on Doll, which eventually caused the Soypocalypse.

After stepping down as Administrator

On July 12th, 2023 DOLL stepped down as administrator of due to being unable to balance his personal life and his administrative duties. He announced that Kuz would once again take up the role of administrator while he returned to his former position as the site's manager.  Upon Kuz's not wishing to run the site anymore, Max put the party up for an auction. After several days of bidding, DOLL won the auction due to settling the price in private.

Role in the Sharty's Temporary Closure

See: Soypocalypse

Doll has resigned as administrator of the sharty. While many people only view the last month or two of his ownership as the major cause of the Sharty's downfall but, many of the issues that led to the Sharty's death were more long standing. 2023 in general was considered a very bad year for the Sharty, due to poor moderation, coally catalogs, the death of raids and soyspeak, and a major lack of gems originating from the Sharty. While there were some great raids and gemeralds, they were sadly outliers. During the start of the year, many blamed this decline in quality towards Kuz growing more apathetic towards the site, but in hindsight we now know it had to do with his contraction of aids. Despite not being well known by the Soyteens yet, Doll was already in charge of many of Kuz's old responsibilities as manager. As he would take on more roles and he became more public until his eventual rise as administrator and later owner of While many were skeptical, Doll's activity in his Q&A thread and future proposals gave Soyteen's hope for the site's future.
Doll closing the sharty in August of 2023

Without ownership, doll was restricted in what he could do as admin, leading to a multi month period where the sites' low quality remained the same, souring people's taste for him. The condition of the site before his administration was already seen as a major source of veteran users leaving and doll's lack of action towards changing the situation did not help. He also held some galvanizing opinions, including his stance on various NAS, Sharty culture, and most importantly Soylita. Many users called for the banning or regulation of Soylita due to its use in 'p raids, nametroon threads, lewds and porn on the booru, "ironic" minor attracted people (MAP) threads, and discord threads. This long-standing issue was exacerbated by rogue jannies', later confirmed to be headed by the site manager Red, guerrilla banning campaign against anti-pedophile and anti-'lita users, behind Doll's back. Doll would gain some good will through banning Sobot, but the confirmation that Doll trained nearly all of the jannies active in 2023, again soured opinions. Doll made attempts to stimulate the site through projects like soyjak.planet and rare no NAS weekends, but their failures or temporary status, only served as short term distractions. The userbase was again invigorated by doll gaining full ownership over the website. His first day, he added the long-awaited banners and ban pages he promised, but even this moment was met with controversy. Most soyteens were against the use of the Kuz era, Soylita banner and a promise Doll made was to remove it when he added all the new banners. Instead of just removing the Soylita banner, he also removed the Ongezellig banner. Opinions were always mixed on this banner, but there was a usual acceptance that it was Sharty Culture due to why it was put into the banner rotation. This drama would drive off a large percentage of the "Zelligsisters" who made up many /soy/ users and nearly all /qa/ users. This drama drew attention towards the banner situation, making Soyteens ask why the banners were top priority when site moderation was still an issue. The situation was further exacerbated by his banning of TND and mass replying, putting in place a slightly harsher stance on racism, his approval of NAS such as ponies and Soylita, and passing ownership onto Red. Reds' behavior and leaks quickly led to his removal, but with the full scope of Red's subversion on display much of the blame was placed on Doll for enabling his behavior by putting him into power. It would take weeks for him to actually remove Red as manager, which again further drove away users.

Whether Doll was ultimately at fault for the Sharty's downfall or not, there is no reason to believe he did not want the site to be successful. His poor administration can be attributed to a lack of knowledge on Sharty Culture and his incompetency at running an imageboard. Doll worked a full-time job throughout his involvement with the site, meaning he had to delegate responsibilities to the mods and janitors. With a growing site and subversive groups taking notice of the Sharty, Doll required more jannies and the pool was most likely tainted. The few things Doll did accomplish gave off the impression that Doll's priorities were not in order, such as creating many inactive boards. While Red was the highest profile case, rogue janitors and mods were commonplace. Janitors would use the poorly defined rules regarding spamming and off topic posting to get rid of users they did not like or simply wanted to troll, while also leaving up NAScoal and porn threads. Slow response times to 'p made matters worse. The blame cannot be fully shifted to the staff team because Doll ultimately trained them, and Doll would commonly change the rules. Doll was unable to make large scale commitments in regard to the rules. Doll would oftentimes make promises like making /soy/ IAS only or banning race bait only to change bans to temporary bans or not enforcing his rule changes. Doll was less familiar with Sharty culture than Soot and Kuz, highlighted by his decisions such has his stance on NAS or his banning of TND. This behavior would culminate in the theory that Doll wanted to replace the Soyteens with a userbase more willing to donate and use the merch shop, but this was never confirmed or denied in the end. /q/ highlighted many of these fallings and users in the official Q&A threads likened using the board to talking to a wall. Like many of the theories put forward on /q/, it was confirmed that Doll really was low on money. Backlash from events like goongate and privacy leaks would be the coal that broke the Sharty's back. While opinions on Doll are mixed and will stay that way, it is undeniable that he led the Sharty through its darkest and least productive period.
The song chosen to represent the "permanent" closure of the site during the 10 days it was taken offline.

Soyumvirate and Resignation

Doll would return to reopen the sharty as on August 22nd 2023, with the revelation that he had found a buyer for the site, Froot, who would eventually come to take the reigns of leadership. They, along with admin Angeleno, formed the Soyumvirate. Nothing lasts forever though, and after a 3 day QNA session on /q/, DOLL officially resigned for the final time as administrator, but stated he'd still be posting on the site occasionally. To this day, he is still active on this wiki.[6][7]

He is known to still browse the site, occasionally posting pictures of his hand to prove it’s him, at which point faggots well endowed gigachads reply “DADA!”

Late 2023 Return/Events

On September 13th 2023, a thread was by a random teen stating he missed Doll which Doll responded to. The thread then turned into an impromptu QNA, where he implied that the sharty might "get to see another Doll administration"[8].

This was later confirmed by Froot on October 10th, 2023, where a message was placed at the top of the sharty announcing DOLL's return as an admin on Christmas Eve. In the time prior to his return, DOLL worked on doing the voice over work for Five Nights at Cobson's.

After returning on Christmas Eve, DOLL preceded to open up the SOYTOPIA TF2 server alongside its owner, Chimp, for use during streams and general use for the site. After passing a few reforms to lessen over-moderation of the site caused by Root and the FDL, DOLL has largely been absent from the day to day administration of the party, instead choosing to focus on the booru, wikik, and dailyjak. Repeated attempts to get in contact with him regarding more oversight being put on the party have not been reciprocated, but he still appears on the site to answer questions once every few days. Other DOLL sightings have been seen on the various splinter sites and very rarely, cytube and vocaroo threads.

When asked about his thoughts on the party and Froot, Doll has said that the site has changed a lot and that "its Froot's site now", and in a thread on him posted on, he said that his words don't have as much pull as they used to and some attempts by him to reform the party tend to fall on deaf ears, but he has faith Froot will "figure things out" and that Doll will remain with the site wherever it goes.




  • Contrary to popular belief, he is not a developer, and he has stated "[for] most of the tech stuff I have to ask the developers for help."
  • Doll has claimed to be on /qa/ before it was locked
  • His favorite soyjak is feraljak
  • He calls called Kuz his brother (schizophrenia)
    Results of a personality quiz
    Doll with babyjak
  • He dislikes most anime, Ongezellig, and micromanagement.
  • He made /psy/ for 4/20
  • Doll isn't afraid to punish mods, even fired sobot as soon as he was made admin.
  • Doll has considered making an official Sharty Cytube that is moderated by sharty jannies
  • He is known to call people "Little Buddy"
  • He drives a forklift, and due to this, Doll is commonly drawn as such.
  • Doll is NOT a baby (meds now, Doll IS a pink baby with a binky I saw it with my own eyes)
  • Uses the sharty while at work (Not very wholesome)
  • Changes his opinion on Cobson depending on the day (sometimes he is "gemmy", sometimes he will never be a gem)
  • Hates FPS due to trauma from his dad forcing him to play COD to increase his KDA
  • His favorite pony is Applejak.
  • His favorite DBZ character is Piccolo. (Thanks, Doc)
  • He is a Dominions 5 player (terminally autistic)
  • He religiously identifies with Eastern Orthodoxy even doe he said he is a methodist on stream
  • He has an account on the booru, where he has uploaded a total of four files:
    • Strangely, an edit of himself hanging as a troonjak[9]
    • A gif of Babyjak sucking on a pacifier[10]
    • A re-upload of SoyTube's "Doll's Final Message"[11]
    • A re-upload of the FNAC teaser trailer[12].
  • In terms of animals, he likes rats, pigs, and octopus.[13]
  • He did 8 years of choir in school, and then a few years in a semi-professional choir for his county. [14]
  • He loves Chinese historical dramas, because he thinks chinkshit is still way better than American drama.
  • He makes references to Three Kingdoms (2010), his favorite drama, which no one understands. His favorite warlord is Liu Xuande. He compares Kuz to the Han dynasty warlord Cao Mengde. He prefers to use stylized warlord names.
  • After Dominions 6 was released, he has rarely been seen. As Dominions games tend to last months before they are over, it may be some time before he becomes active again.
  • His favorite baby names are Cassius, Basil, Jack, Alice, and Rosemary
  • DOLL is an avid gardener and says he plants a new garden every year.
  • After the reveal that kuz is Carter, DOLL has been getting into sporadic arguments with Kolyma Network remnants, ranging from the various alter-ego's of kuz, to other former prominent Kolyma associates, with the backing of Froot and Angeleno.
  • He owns multiple firearms and has said his favorite weapons system to fire was the M249 SAW, likely what he carried when he served in the US Army.
  • He has expressed an interest in Fish Tank, the second admin to do so (the other being Froot).
  • He claims to not follow a Soylitics ideology and doesn't have a clear vision for the site outside of making sure soyjaks get posted on it and that drama is kept to a minimum.
  • Across multiple polls on the wiki and the party, he has consistently been tied with (sometimes even ahead of) Soot for the most popular administrator even after the events of the soypocalypse, something he appreciates but feels he doesn't deserve.
  • He keeps very few close friends and spends most of his nights working, playing Legends of Runeterra, drinking, and talking to his wife.




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