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The 'za has been ordered.

Lee Goldson
The hacker known as Sharty datamining your soyjak posts on twitter

Doxing or doxxing is a widely enjoyed passtime of many 'teens. While the reason for each target's dox varies, it is usually done as a means of punishment for crimes against the 'Sharty and soy culture (e.g. posting coal on Twitter).

Some people think that doxing random trannies for posting 'jaks is le bad because zey don't deserve it (even doe zey actually do for being degenerate troons) and that it's also bad because it's just like muh hecking Kiwifarms (and Kiwifarms is le bad because it just is, okay???). If you encounter those arguments posted under a dox thread, then you should disregard them (or dox them too) since it's probably just the anti-doxcord trying to prevent precious trans queens from getting doxed.

Is doxing allowed on the sharty?

Yes it is.

Notable Doxes

Giggly Goonclown - Likely the biggest dox in 'Sharty history. A video of him masturbating with dubbed in fart noises and circus music first circulated on the site as a shock video before a bombshell thread titled "GOONCLOWN LOST" dumped a whole archive of his discord account, containing not only his discord server but his private dms too. Immensely disturbing material was found within, leading onto the Goongate controversy.

Gem on the 'ainesville

MISTER MANTICORE - Newly trooned out tranny, girlfriend abuser and creator of the analogue horror series Monument Mythos. Was found by the sharty and given tonnes of pizzas, also a local soyteen gave him a printed-out gem., your personal pizzeria!

Nemlei - Author of The Coffin of Andy and Leyley. On November 28th, 2023, Nemlei somehow got doxed, decided to delete her, and had the game taken over by "Kit9".[1][2]

SmashingUrFort - First discovered when he posted a brimstone trannylita on the TakesApalling twitter account which he co-owns[3]. After around 32 hours of combined effort it was discovered that he is an Italian champagne socialist that lives in a huge apartment within a gated community; proving yet again all communists are upper class larpers.[4] A pizza was sent on the behalf of an Italian chud.

Sennvenn - Starting as another Jackbox raid, he was doxed by and had his personal social media chudded up along with his family's. This lead to a gemmy clip where his parents argue with him live, and ultimately kick him out of his house.

Minor Doxes

Major Cloog - Starting on the raid board, Major Cloon was a previously doxed YouTube animator who was found to be grooming minors and drawing NSFW of his staff and victims. Items were then delivered to his door by angry 'teens. The raid is notable for the involvement of his Discord members on the thread,[5] as well as the sheer amount of newgods that the thread held.[6]

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