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Dr. Soyowicz

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Dr. Soyowicz was employed at the Mental Asylum. Dr. Soyowicz was renowned for his ability to treat anorexa nervosa with BBC therapy. He later became a patient. Though not confirmed, he is rumored to have created Soy Speak, a language spoken by some patients of the Mental Asylum.

Patient File

Asylum Patient
ID: 5202
Name: Dr Soyowicz
Threat level: High
Filed: 2021-03-30
By: Dr Soymacher

Soy Patient File: Patient 5202


Name: Dr. Soyowicz (RETIRED)
Threat level: High

Description: Patient 5202 is a white middle-aged male with a beard and bald head. 5202, as his title would imply, is a retired medical professional who is a former employee of the Mental Asylum.

Before the incident, 5202 was known as a highly strict doctor, reputed to rule over his wards with an iron fist. His treatment plans consisted of copious amounts of medication, controversial diets and, allegedly, physical violence.

5202, in an experiment he volunteered for, was given a sample of genetically modified Soylent designed to cause dramatic muscle growth and quickening of the reflexes. The sample worked as intended at first but after roughly two minutes 5202 started to suffer from an unfortunate side-effect. Immediately after taking the sample, 5202 started ranting about "meds", proceeding to force-feed nearby inmates and military personnel dangerous amounts of medication, apparently losing his ability to distinguish between those who needed treatment and those who did not.
An asylum doctor, Dr [REDACTED] was able to lure 5202 into a nearby cell by pretending to be a "schizo". 5202 remains in that cell today.

One disturbing trait of 5202 is his ability to psychically tap into highly classified government files and recite a simplified version of their contents, usually telling anyone who will listen to modify their behavior to match the government's goals.

Examples include:

Sound proofing equipment has been installed around 5202's cell to combat this.

Weekly observance by DOD officials is recommended, and asylum doctors must notify the warden immediately if unusual behavior is observed.[1]