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dreamworks soyjak
A Dreamworks soyjak.
Shrek Impjak in question.

This page is a gem.

In the Soy Community, Dreamworks refers to soyjaks wearing an extremely smug expression composed of exaggerated eyebrows and a distinctive cartoonish grin. You will NOT ask why they are called Dreamworks. There are also rumors of Pixar 'jaks floating around,[1] but so far they have remained lost media. Pixar 'jaks do NOT exist and you will NOT do any further research of the topic.


Despite being hailed by soyjak critics as a decisive step forward for smugjakking, Dreamworks failed to catch on in the wider soy community. In the first seven months after it originated, the 'booru saw only 9 'jaks tagged with Dreamworks,[2] and one of those was a dreamworkless Impish Soyak Ears which is tagged dreamworks anyway because it's Shrek themed.[3]


See also

  • Swirladoo, another euphemism whose origin has been lost to history
  • Shrekchan, a 4chan clone based on Shrek.


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