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Ensoyclopedia Dramatica
Wiki website
FoundedDecember 2004
AreaWest Hollywood, USA
Key People
MottoIn tranny we trust
ProductsPorn, gore, and a bunch of shit no one cares about

Ensoyclopedia Dramatica, (also spelled Encyclopædia Dramatica), or just ED is a site for funny and hilarious LE EPIC LULZ old 4cuck humor. Founded by some dyke[1] at least a hundred years ago, the site was formerly a breeding ground for trolling, raiding, and distributing illegal content. In 2011, its original creator deleted the "Niggers" article, wiped the site, and replaced it with some shitty journal blog called "LolInternet", leading to the userbase leaking some nudes of her, and scrambling for a mirror. Eventually, they made one, and the site continues to be updated to this day. The site keeps jumping from domain to domain every five months because of shitty hosters. A notable occurrence of this was in 2020, when one of the admins got sent to jail. The site admins have done a lot in regards to updating content.

They have a article about the Sharty[2], despite it being against their rules.[3] They are also selfish little fucks who block Tor nodes from even viewing the website.

A plentiful of alleged 'cord users started forcing ED memes and lingo on this very wiki (evident by the barely edited templates, the exclusively created 'jaks for them and the complete lack of knowledge of soy culture) and by extension the Sharty (correlating "Snarky.snappy" to "The hacker known as 4chan"), just about after Froot became the administrator of the site and later the wiki. You WILL make fun of ED but steal their templates and memes anyways 'een.


If you thought the articles in this very wiki were shit, you were right. But this piece of shit website is a whole 'nother level of shit. ED hosts a gargantuan collection of otherwise terrible articles. ED pages are ripe with awfully cringeworthy 4cuck oldfag larping lingo, excessive and repetitive use of slurs, unecessary image spam, and a shit ton of terrible and distracting templates that fill the entire page. Overall, reading every page is a chore, as they're all eye-soring blocks of text, templates and images that feels like they were cobbled together by some coked-up edgy 12-year-old who spends too much of their free time on the internet unsupervised.

ED writers will also not shy away from the possibility of filling their articles with degenerate pornography whenever they can. They will make sure to shove their fetishes """ironically""" because it's for the lulz or something. Their article[4] on The Coffin of Andy and Leyley, for example, is the polar opposite of the one in this wiki, although it is true that the natives didn't take it well and put up a template saying it was a 'bad new article' that should 'be fixed.' They also love worshipping mass shooters, with every article made on every of those faggots being a cancerous word salad.

One good thing about ED is its influence on (good) wiki culture. While the poster above may complain about the bright flashy templates and image spam, the site is supposed to be a parody. This wiki is as well.

The "Dog" page didn't shy away from including cartoon bestiality porn. This is a relatively tame page compared to the other ones.

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^ Look at this Kiwifarms level of domain hopping geegggg

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